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US extends Covid-19 emergency declaration for 90 more days

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  • The pandemic isn’t over.
  • USA extends the Covid-19 emergency declaration.
  • Officials brace for a possible winter surge.

THE PANDEMIC ISN’T OVER! United States has extended the public health emergency declaration for Covid-19 for 90 more days. Although the infection rate is low compared to what it was in 2020, authorities remain concerned about current case rates and stress what precautions people should continue to take.

The use of masks, social distancing and regular hand washing remain fundamental ways to prevent spreading Covid. At the moment, face masks are optional in most places in the US states, as hospitalizations and deaths have fallen.


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The United States government announced this Thursday an extension of the Covid-19 emergency declaration for an additional 90 days in order to be able to respond to a potential winter surge, the EFE agency reported. Although infections have decreased, it is important to be clear about the measures that the government is taking to prevent a new wave.

In a statement, the Biden administration reported the extension of the emergency declaration, which has been in force since January 2020. At the moment, the authorities have not confirmed whether they expect to renew the declaration again.

“The pandemic is not over”

"The pandemic is not over"
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In late September, US Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said that, although the country has made significant progress in its fight against Covid-19 compared to last year, the pandemic is not over yet, indicated the EFE agency. Becerra stressed that 300-400 people are still dying of Covid every day.

“Between 300 and 400 people a day die from COVID. We have not overcome it,” he told a group of reporters during a visit to a vaccination center in Washington, according to EFE. The fight against the pandemic continues and for this reason, it is essential that people continue to take precautions and get vaccinated.

Does Biden want to lift the declaration?

USA declares COVID emergency: Are you looking to lift the declaration?
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Xavier Becerra somewhat contradicted the statements that US president, Joe Biden, had previously given to CBS, where he assured that “the pandemic is over.” Becerra also pointed out that the president was referring to general feeling people have as case numbers drop.

«What the president said is what everyone feels, that we are much better now» than a year ago, Becerra said. However, Biden’s statement has already been echoed among Republicans in Congress, who are seeking to lift the Covid emergency declaration, the EFE agency reported. Filed Under: US declaration of COVID emergency

Follow the science?

US declaration of COVID emergency: A change?
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A group of 17 House lawmakers wrote a letter asking Biden to kill the measure, and a Republican senator introduced a resolution for the upper house to vote on the same. For his part, Becerra dismissed the idea of ​​lifting the emergency declaration now and said that in order to make a decision, they must wait for the scientific community to make a pronouncement, EFE said.

«We are going to wait for the scientists to give us a guide and tell us where we stand,” he stated. Between August and September 2022, the US reported an average of 356 daily deaths from COVID-19 and the disease caused by the virus is the third leading cause of death in the country, after cancer and heart disease, indicated the EFE agency. Filed Under: US declaration of COVID emergency

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