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Elizabeth Gutiérrez finally confirms separation from William Levy (VIDEO)

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William Levy, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, divorcio, hermana, separación
Elizabeth Gutiérrez confirms breakup (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Elizabeth Gutiérrez made the announcement while crying.
  • She has confirmed what was expected.
  • What happened to William Levy?

After weeks of speculation, Elizabeth Gutiérrez has finally confirmed what was expected about her relationship with William Levy.

The actress has given an exclusive interview to Hola! USA, in which she finally shared all the details about how their 20-year relationship came to an end.

The Mexican actress has surprised many fans of both actors, and they have had varied reactions.

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She Makes a strong statement

actress, speculation confirmed, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, interview, mundonow, Elizabeth Gutiérrez confirms breakup
PHOTO: Mezcalo

The actress and TV presenter of Mexican descent, following the confirmation of her breakup by a source close to the actor, decided to speak with Hola!! USA to address the situation.

In her statements, she revealed that this separation marks a definitive point in her life. «This time it’s final,» the source told People en Español.

After years of speculation, the news of their breakup arrives, marking a definitive point in their personal lives.

With children aged 18 and 14, the couple had largely kept their personal life out of the public eye.

She says it was the love of her life

william levy, hello usa, interview, mundonow, separation, Elizabeth Gutiérrez confirms breakup
PHOTO: Instagram screenshot

In her statements to Hola, the actress appeared visibly affected by the breakup: «I always invested in my relationship,» she confessed tearfully.

However, despite her pain, Gutiérrez chose not to reveal the exact reasons that led to the end of the relationship.

«I loved William,» she shared, deeply moved, «I think it’s no secret that he was the love of my life.»

These deeply personal words evidence the pain Elizabeth is experiencing in this difficult moment.

They no longer live together

Will Levy message, Instagram, Social Networks, Cuban Actor, Publication, MundoNOW
Elizabeth Gutiérrez confirms breakup / PHOTO: Meznivel

«Quería mostrarnos cómo éramos, porque vivimos muchos de esos momentos durante los 20 años que estuvimos juntos,» dijo Elizabeth.

«Actualmente no estamos juntos,» confirmó la actriz de telenovelas como El rostro de Analía y El Fantasma de Elena.

Aunque separados, Elizabeth reflexiona sobre su pasado compartido, marcado por una profunda conexión emocional de dos décadas.

Aunque enfrenten nuevos caminos por separado, estos momentos compartidos seguirán siendo parte de su historia.

She will continue with her life

mundoNOW, Instagram, social networks, actors,
Elizabeth Gutiérrez confirms breakup / PHOTO: Instagram screenshot

Gutiérrez affirmed that she sees herself as «a woman who fights, who confronts, who remains silent, who protects, a woman who loves.»

Furthermore, she added that she also envisions herself as a strong woman, who loves herself, and who has clarity about her desires and boundaries.

These words reflect a deep self-awareness and personal empowerment. The actress acknowledges the multiple facets of her being, displaying a combination of courage and vulnerability.

Her statement suggests a woman in constant evolution, confident in herself, and determined to live her life on her own terms.

They ask her to get over William Levy

mundonow, couple, broken heart, moved, actress,
Elizabeth Gutiérrez confirms breakup / PHOTO: Meznivel

The followers of both actors have reacted in different ways, as some are sad and others make strong comments.

«Unfortunately, she never valued herself and that’s why she spent 20 years waiting for him to love her the way she wanted,» wrote an Instagram user.

«She says I love him and breaks down when talking about him, that feeling is still there and that hurts her, God help her move forward,» they wrote.

«It’s noticeable when they love you, but when it’s NOT more noticeable!!», «Such a beautiful woman crying for a man when she can have thousands at her feet,» they commented. TO WATCH VIDEO CLICK HERE.

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