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Who was evicted from ‘La Casa De Los Famosos 4’ this week?

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Who was evicted from LCDLF 4? (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Who was evicted from LCDLF 4 this week?
  • The controversy continues inside the house.
  • There were five nominees.

The nerves reached their peak on La Casa de los Famosos 4 Monday night, after the third eviction of the season was announced.

There was a surprise in the famous house, where four nominees were anxiously waiting to find out whether or not they would continue in the competition for the $200,000.

After announcing the result, people immediately reacted in the house and online.

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PHOTO MundoNow

Four contestants were on the line in the latest episode of the reality show that has the audience on the edge of their seats

Maripily Rivera, Fernando Lozada, La Divaza and Thalí were the stars this week and they caused a sensation.

They faced a difficult situation in the most watched house on Telemundo, recognizing that only one person would leave the popular show forever.

Two familiar faces were among the nominees: Carlos ‘La Divaza’ Gómez and Thalí faced the possibility of leaving the competition for the third consecutive time.

Who was evicted from LCDLF 4 this week?

Eliminated, La Divaza, Fernando Lozada, MundoNOW
Photo: YouTube

After much expectation and anxiety, the four nominees on La Casa de los Famosos learned their fate and only one said goodbye.

This time it was Fernando Lozada’s turn to say goodbye to the famous house. In an unexpected twist, the presenters announced his eviction.

«It’s you, you Fernando Lozada,» said host Nacho Lozano, announcing the eviction of the controversial character and demonstrating that the Fourth Earth’s strategies worked.

Between hugs and a farewell from La Divaza, this shocking new eviction was confirmed.

Who was saved from eviction?

Eliminated, La Divaza, Fernando, Maripily, MundoNOW
Photo: YouTube

Thalí was the first to return to the house, where Lupillo Rivera immediately hugged her. The  second person to return was Maripily.

With this decision, the Puerto Rican star managed to remain in the house while La Divaza and Fernando Lozada faced each other to avoid elimination.

The third person to return to the house was La Divaza, immediately making Lozada the third houseguest evicted from LCDLF 4.

The Fourth Earth received much support from fans of the show for the support they showed for each other.

Tension is rising on the show

Reality show, Nominees, Competition, Television, Game strategy, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

The tension in the house has risen to unsuspected levels, leaving the contestants once again anxious about what the future holds for them.

And four of the five nominees belong to Fourth Earth, which caught the attention of fans of the popular reality show.

For this reason, things got heated because of the group’s support from the fans.

Debates and discussions broke out on social media where followers of the reality show shared their opinions about the nominees.

Did the fans save them?

who was evicted from LCDLF 4, reality show, nominees, la casa de los famosos, MundoNOW
Who was evicted from LCDLF 4? / Photo: Mezcalent

Maripily Rivera, one of the nominees, received numerous messages of support from her fans, who highlighted her charisma.

«Except for Earth, because they are the main group of the house and now is when Maripily is going to give us content. The show is just beginning my people,” one person commented.

On the other hand, Fernando Lozano sparked controversy, with divided opinions about his strategy and his relationship with the other contestants.

«Fernando eliminated.» «Fernando out.»  «Team Earth, Fernando out,» people commented online.

Why do Carlos Gómez and Thali keep getting nominated?

who was evicted from LCDLF 4, reality show, nominees
Photo: Mezcalent

Carlos Gómez and Thali keep getting nominated for eviction, sparking both sympathy and criticism from the show’s fans.

Some consider them tireless fighters who deserve to stay in the competition.

While others argue that their presence affects the dynamics of the show.

With three of the nominees coming from Fourth Earth it is not surprising that attention is focused on this highly controversial group.

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