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Who was eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos on April 8?

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Eliminated on April 8 (Photo: Telemundo)
  • Who was eliminated?
  • Changes in nomination dynamics.
  • Tension before next elimination.

The fourth season of «La Casa de los Famosos» reaches a critical juncture with the elimination of one of its members in today’s broadcast, April 8.

This time, the list of participants at risk of being eliminated is dominated by the most recent contestants of the reality show.

The arrival of four new members to «La Casa de los Famosos» — Paulo Quevedo, Serrath, Patricia Corcino, and Geraldine Bazán — at the end of March has shaken up the program’s dynamics.

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Different nomination gala

Eliminated April 8, La Casa de los Famosos, Telemundo, reality show, MundoNOW
Eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos this April 8 PHOTO: YouTube Capture

These participants, initially excluded from the nomination and elimination galas due to a show rule, have finally gained the ability to vote and be expelled after spending 15 days in the compound.

The eleventh nomination gala, held just five days ago, was marked by a change in its usual dynamics.

It is worth mentioning that the inhabitants were immersed in a treasure hunt that granted benefits to three of them.

This situation gives them the ability to influence the vote to determine who should leave the competition for the million-dollar prize.

Who will be eliminated?

La Casa de los Famosos, Telemundo, eliminated, reality show, MundoNOW
Eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos this April 8 PHOTO: YouTube Capture

The list of nominees this week includes prominent names such as Serrath, Paulo Quevedo, Maripily Rivera, Patricia Corcino, and Aleska Génesis.

However, the participation of Alana Literas, host and former contestant of MasterChef, should have been confirmed on this list, were it not for the rescue performed by José Reyes ‘La Melaza’, the current leader of the week in the program.

Tension is palpable in «La Casa de los Famosos» as the elimination hour approaches. Viewers are eager to discover who will be the next to leave the competition and what repercussions it will have on the program’s dynamics.

With each nomination gala, gameplay strategies become more intense, and the bonds between participants are put to the test. Uncertainty reigns in the house as contestants anxiously await the public’s verdict.

Fight between Lupillo and Romeh over Ariadna


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The fate of the nominees hangs in the balance, and only time will tell who will manage to secure their stay in «La Casa de los Famosos» and who will be compelled to leave, as reported by Infobae.

A love triangle has emerged in the fourth season of «La Casa de los Famosos.» Lupillo Rivera expressed his romantic interest in Ariadna Gutiérrez and became upset upon seeing Rodrigo Romeh speaking privately with the former Colombian beauty queen.

A heated argument ensued between the Mexican singer and the world fitness champion. Upon witnessing Romeh and Ariadna dining alone beside a bonfire, Lupillo approached angrily and confronted Romeh: «What did we agree on?»

Lupillo didn’t remain passive. «You’ve crossed the line,» he informed Romeh, signaling the end of their alliance on the reality show. «Lupe, please,» Ariadna interjected.

He leaves La Casa de los Famosos

Eliminated, La Casa de los Famosos, Lupillo, Telemundo, MundoNOW
Eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos this April 8 PHOTO: YouTube Capture

Amidst this, the audience is eagerly awaiting the outcome of this new elimination, while the contestants brace themselves for the consequences of this decisive day.

The votes have been tallied, and Nacho Lozano revealed the name of the first participant saved in this gala, with Paulo Quevedo returning to the house.

Maripily was the second participant saved by the audience in this gala. Puerto Rican contestant Patricia was the third to re-enter the house.

Lastly, it has been announced that the eleventh contestant eliminated from «La Casa de los Famosos» is Serrath.

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