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Is another massacre coming? Elementary student in Mexico threatens classmates with a knife (PHOTOS)

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  • A few hours before the shooting in Texas, alarms went off at an elementary school in Mexico.
  • An elementary school student in Mexico threatened his classmates with a weapon.
  • Are there signs of an impending tragedy coming to the Aztec nation?

The shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, left 21 dead and 17 wounded. A few hours before that tragedy occurred, another scary situation happened in an elementary school in Mexico when a student threatened his classmates with a weapon… Is another tragedy at a school about to happen?

El Heraldo de Mexico reported that before after Tuesday’s tragedy, when an 18-year-old boy killed students at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, a student from Nuevo León threatened his classmates.

Will another tragedy take place in a school?

Primary Mexico

A student from an elementary school in Mexico, in the state of Nuevo León, which is under scrutiny thanks to the cases of missing women like Debanhi Escobar, entered his school with a weapon and took it out in the middle of a class to threaten his classmates. He had apparently planned it out.

Unlike what happened at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, this didn’t end in tragedy. The elementary school student from Mexico took out a knife and didn’t hurt anyone, at least that is what various news outlets report. But with after the tragedy in the US it can’t be ruled out that something similar might happen in Mexico.

Parents protest outside the elementary school in Mexico

imminent gunfight

The information was released until Wednesday, but the incident took place on Tuesday morning, around the time the tragedy occurred in Uvalde, Texas. Parents who heard about what happened went to protest outside the educational institution.

The parents of the students asked to speak with the principal about the young man threatening several students. The students age and identity have not been revealed. He took out a knife during class to intimidate his classmates, who became scared and reported what happened.

What is known about the student who threatened his classmates with a knife

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Mexican media outlets spread the news and gave more details of the unfortunate events that left several parents feeling disconcerted. It apparently happened at 7am, when a fifth grade student suddenly entered the classroom with a knife, which he took out to intimidate his classmates even though the teacher was present.

The teacher, realizing what was happening, confiscated the weapon from the fifth grade student and reported the situation to the school administration, who proceeded to protect the rest of the students. However, it’s not known what happened to the boy in question.

The student was supposedly ‘problematic’

Elementary in Mexico student threatens

The parents found out about the unfortunate incident when their children told them, but they didn’t get a notification from the teachers or the school authorities, so they stood at the entrance of the school to protest and ask for an explanation on Wednesday morning.

The boy who threatened the students is 11 years old, he’s in fifth grade and apparently he had already been creating problems at school and had to be moved to a different class… As of now, no more is known besides the fact that the police of the municipality of Santa Catarina will be guarding the school in the coming days.

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