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Inicio » English » Entertainment » El Temerario’s wife Priscila wears a sexy bikini in Mexico

El Temerario’s wife Priscila wears a sexy bikini in Mexico

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Priscila Ángel traje de baño México
  • Singer Priscila Ángel dazzles in a sexy bikini.
  • The wife of Gustavo Ángel, better known as El Temerario, enjoys her vacation in Mexico.
  • She shared the photo on Instagram.

One of the most successful Mexican singers of the 90s, Priscila Ángel, has become a celebrity on social media thanks to her beauty. She recently posted some incredible bikini pics from her vacation in Mexico.

Singer Priscila Ángel is married to Gustavo Angel, better known as El Temerario, and she often shows her Instagram followers that she is beyond gorgeous. Her posts always get tons of compliments.

Priscila Ángel wears a bikini in Mexico

Priscila Ángel appears in a swimsuit in Mexico

At 45, Priscila continues to prove that age is just a number since, as time goes by, El Temerario’s wife looks sexier than ever. She works hard on exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

On this occasion, the artist was vacationing on the beaches of Mexico. She shared an Instagram story where her beauty shines by the ocean. She’s wearing a spectacular orange swimsuit.

Priscila Ángel shows off her figure

Priscila Ángel swimsuit Mexico: Show off your figure

El Temerario’s wife looked happy enjoying her day at the beach. According to Priscila’s post, she is in Punta Mita, a fishing village and tourist center on the Mexican Pacific coast.

Internet users can’t comment on the photo however, it goes without saying that Gustavo Ángel’s wife looks her best in her orange suit with provocative cutouts. The beautiful view of waves behind her make a pretty picture.

Priscila has posted bikini photos before

It is not the first time that it appears like this

Priscila often shares thoughts and images of motivational phrases for her followers to reflect upon and it is rare to see her showing off her body in tiny outfits.

However, in one of her older posts, she can be seen on the beach wearing a black two-piece, with a hat and fashionable sunglasses.

Pricila’s dazzling figure

Impact with your figure

Singer Priscila Ángel dazzles her followers with her toned arms, showing her discipline, exercise and healthy diet work. It did not take long for the singer’s fans to shower her with compliments.

One of her photos has more than 4,000 likes, including from singer Tatiana and Cristian Solís, El Buki’s wife. In it she looks radiant in form-fitting workout gear.

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