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Néstor Amir, ‘El Dandy de la Cumbia’ is killed in an armed attack

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Néstor Amir dies in armed attack- Muere Néstor Amir en ataque armado, Néstor Amir, El Dandy de la cumbia, Puebla, México
El Dandy de la Cumbia is killed (PHOTO Shutterstock)
  • El Dandy de la Cumbia, Néstor Amir is killed.
  • The Mexican music world is in mourning.
  • The investigation is ongoing.

The music world is mourning Néstor Amir following the tragic events that unfolded last weekend in Mexico.

Known as ‘El Dandy de la Cumbia,’ he was killed in an armed attack.

The singer was spending time with his family when tragedy struck, and preparations are now underway for his final farewell.

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Singer Néstor Amir is killed

Néstor Amir dies in armed attack, Néstor Amir, El Dandy de la cumbia, Puebla, Mexico
PHOTO: Shutterstock

The music industry in Puebla is mourning the tragic death of Néstor Amir, better known as El Dandy de la Cumbia.

He was killed in a violent attack while spending time with his family in the town of Cuautinchán, San Baltazar Torija, Puebla.

In addition to his music career, Néstor Amir was also involved in car sales in the region.

The incident occurred over the weekend when a group of armed men on a motorcycle intercepted the singer while he was inside his vehicle.

El Dandy de la Cumbia dies in an armed attack

Police, Mexico, Puebla, Death, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to witnesses, the attackers fired directly at Amir, killing him in what is believed to be a targeted attack.

The authorities described it as an ambush, as the assailants acted quickly and precisely, fleeing the scene immediately after committing the crime.

Amir’s family was in the area to make a quick stop and buy ice cream, during which time the singer stayed inside the vehicle.

It was then that the killers took advantage of that moment to strike.

The investigation into Néstor Amir’s murder

Armed attack, Néstor Amir, El Dandy de la cumbia, Puebla, Mexico
PHOTO: X capture

Local authorities, including police and the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), arrived at the scene of the crime to begin their investigation.

They collected the singer’s body to do forensic testing.

While the motive for the attack has not yet been officially confirmed, it is suspected to be related to Néstor Amir’s commercial activities, particularly in car sales.

However, according to Milenio, authorities are continuing to gather evidence.

He leaves a legacy in the music world

Néstor Amir is celebrated for his talent in tropical music and his appearance on TV Azteca’s morning show, Venga la Alegría.

Now, the singer leaves a void in the hearts of his fans.

His songs, energy and charisma will endure, while police seek to find those responsible for this act of violence that has shaken an entire community.

To see a video of the crime scene click HERE.

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