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El Charro and La Mayrita show off their house and discover a love seat in their room (VIDEO)

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  • El Charro and La Mayrita show off the interior of their house
  • What had the most impact was that they discovered a love chair in their room
  • The couple is showing us everything they own in their home

El Charro and La Mayrita boast an armchair of love. Erik Roberto Torres and Mayra Torres, better known as El Charro y la Mayrita, are a young couple with 10 years of marriage. Is partner of Hispanics have inspired thousands of married couples to live better lives. Since they constantly publish videos about the daily things that couples usually experience.

On this occasion the couple through their channel of Youtube, decide to share with their followers what their home is like inside, and take a tour of the inside of the house, since according to what users mention they think they live in a mansion, but they do not, since things are not as they appear.

El Charro and La Mayrita show off their home


It should be remembered that Erik and Mayra live in Terrell Texas with their three children Valentina, Erik and Amalia. Erik Roberto, better known as El Charro, is a singer of ranchero music, who became famous for offending Hispanics the year before by calling them “pulgosos towns”.

Constantly on their social network portal, they share funny videos, where they give advice to be able to have a healthier relationship or marriage, since on several occasions, many of the couples do not value each other, and for this reason there are too many divorces .

They show the event hall

El Charro and La Mayrita boast an armchair of love

At the beginning of the video, the couple first show us their business, which is a fairly large event room, just when entering their home they find what they call their business, El Charro comments that they decided this a few years ago, before to build your house.

Being inside where you can see at first glance the event room of the Charro and his wife Mayra, you can see that they also have several chairs and tables, they even took the opportunity to leave their data in case Internet users want to rent this place to hold different events. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

El Charro and La Mayrita show their children’s rooms

El Charro and La Mayrita boast a love seat house 2

Already entering the interior of their house, they enter through a door that says private, since his wife mentions, their home is attached to the event room, so at that moment they decide to show off their children’s rooms: “Here the first bedroom is where Erik and Amalia sleep, ”Mayra said.

«Something simple, beautiful», that’s how the influencers described the room of their minor children, where they explain that the space is very small, and also affirmed that the little ones spend most of the time locked in their room or room playing.

Erik Roberto and Mayra Torres show their laundry room

El Charro and La Mayrita show off their love seat house 3

After showing off the room of their two youngest children, El Charro and La Mayrita decide to show their children’s bathroom and the laundry room where Mayra washes the clothes: “here is the first bathroom, which is my children’s , I have here to wash and Valentina’s closet.

Then they decided to go to show the room of their eldest daughter Valentina, where the Charro clarifies that it smells very delicious, since his wife uses special essences, and they say that 10-year-old Valentina is a very responsible older sister, and leaving the room Erik Roberto mentions that they don’t have a room. Archived as El Charro and La Mayrita show off their love seat

The kitchen where they record their videos

El Charro and La Mayrita show off their love seat 4

Then El Charro and La Mayrita, they show what seems to be the largest place in the house, their kitchen, which has been the place of most of their videos shared on social networks, in fact Erik mentions that they had the idea of ​​making grow their home, but decided to market their event hall business.

They even affirm that when they have a visit from their relatives, that there are more than 10 people, they do not all fit in there and they have to use the living room, as a dining room and even as a living room, since as you can see their house is not as big as the most thought. Archived as El Charro and La Mayrita show off their love seat

Erik and Mayra show off their room

El Charro and La Mayrita show off their love chair house 5

On the second floor, there is the room of this couple, where the first thing they show is the place where Mayra puts on makeup, which looks very beautiful, then they show the cabinets where the Charro keeps his suits, and also his wife, has another for where she puts her clothes.

The couple confirms that they are already very attached to the ceiling, since they are on the second floor, clarifying that they have intended to line the ceiling to make it look more beautiful, but that for any reason they have not been able to do so. Archived as El Charro and La Mayrita show off their love seat

The controversial love chair in your room


After showing his entire room, several Internet users commented on something that they could observe that was in his bedroom, but that they did not mention it, and that in one corner was an armchair, the kind that are generally used to be with couples and give each other love .

For their part, El Charro and La Mayrita, did not touch on the subject on that armchair, but took the opportunity to tell a bit of their history, as when they lived in a trailer, and showed more things about the room, obviously skipping the controversial armchair, than the most already know what it is used for. Archived as El Charro and La Mayrita show off their love seat

Netizen Reactions


Immediately the users did not let the moment pass, they decided to comment about the love chair that was in the couple’s room, emphasizing that they had noticed that it was there, right in front of their bed, and next to the bathroom.

«Did anyone else see the chair of happiness?», «The most important thing is the chair of happiness», «I want the chair you have in your room», «Everything was very tender and cute until I saw the chair hahaha they transported me to 50 shades of gray «, were some of the comments. Archived as El Charro and La Mayrita show off their love seat

«Flea villages»

Photo Instagram El Charro and La Mayrita

Previously, the video was shared of the moment in which Mexican singer Erik Roberto, a member of El Charro and La Mayrita, asked for forgiveness after calling the Latin peoples «pulgosos». «A video that became controversial and the truth is I already deleted it and I want to apologize if it is a video that offended you or it was a video in bad taste for you,» he said.

Erik Roberto affirms that the message he gave in that video was good, since he commented that many, including him, have the opportunity to go to the United States to work, but several make the mistake of taking vices and taking a bad path, even , of having trouble with the law. Archived as El Charro and La Mayrita show off their love seat

Hispanics offended


«In that video, I also commented and said: ‘race, let’s not be stupid, if we leave our pulgoso town, let’s take advantage of the time we are here,’ and that is where many were offended,» said the Mexican singer. Almost at the end, Erik Roberto clarified that he was generalizing, in addition to that he does not believe that there are ‘flea villages’.

“I myself am from the state of Michoacán, from a town called Santiago Tangamandapio, and the reality, friends, was not my intention to denigrate or belittle any town. I am aware, like you, that many peoples, not only in Mexico, but also in Central and South America, live in violence and injustice, but that does not take away the beauty or the beautiful people who inhabit them ”. Archived as El Charro and La Mayrita show off their love seat

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