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El Chapo’s murdered nephew Edel Guzmán … had a corrido (PHOTOS)

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  • El Chapo’s nephew was murdered in the middle of a national holiday.
  • Edel Guzmán was gunned down.
  • What happened to the alleged killer?

Edel Guzmán was the nephew of El Chapo Guzmán and he was executed during the national holidays after having an argument with a person close to him. Edel was also known as ‘El Cuñado’ and he was a close relative of the most important drug trafficker in Mexico.

According to various reports, the execution was not planned, since the argument started over something small. Eventually it grew to become a terrible catastrophe that ended the life of El Chapo Guzmán’s nephew. The celebration ended just as the tragedy occurred.

How did the murder happen?

Edel Guzman nephew Chapo
PHOTO: Twitter

According to various stories, El Chapo Guzmán’s nephew was drinking with Ubaldino C. along with other friends. In addition there were live bands such as Dinámicos JR and Décima Banda, according to Infobae.

This bloody incident occurred around Independence Day, on September 15. El Cuñado died at age 36, the victim of a terrible altercation. According to the outlet, the municipal police that went to the scene immediately identified the alleged killer. Filed Under: Edel Guzmán nephew Chapo

El Chapo’s nephew had a corrido

Edel Guzman nephew Chapo
PHOTO: Twitter

El Chapo’s nephew had a narcocorrido known as El Cuñado, which tells the story of how he got the ‘affectionate’ nickname from Joaquín Guzmán Loera. The place where Edel Guzmán Loera was supposedly born is mentioned in the song. He was described as a “very happy” man who always carried a gun to defend himself, according to Infobae.

The kinship between Edel Guzman and Joaquín Guzmán Loera, was not only indicated by his name, but also by the home address that was disclosed. According to local media, Guzmán’s home was located in the municipality of Badiguarato, Sinaloa, where El Chapo Guzmán was born. Filed Under: Edel Guzmán nephew Chapo

The killer was transferred to a more secure penitentiary

PHOTO: Shutterstock

The incident happened like this. The attack, according to police reports, was not planned, as it happened during an argument that occurred during a dance. The alleged culprit was taken to the city of Parral, a journey that took more than four hours.

The alleged murderer remained in the Golden Triangle of the Sinaloa Cartel until the night of September 16. According to the authorities, a report was filed to transfer the alleged culprit to a more secure prison. Filed Under: Edel Guzmán nephew Chapo

Authorities find the murder weapon

PHOTO: Twitter

According to reports, the police identified the weapon which Ubaldino “N”, 42, was carrying with him at the time of the bloody incident, a 9mm, which is already in the custody of the municipal police, indicated El Blog del Narco.

Although the investigation continues, images of the arrest of Ubaldino “N” continue to spread on social media and an older man, wearing a blue oxford dress shirt with white dots, is shown on a white wall. At the moment, the man is being accused of homicide and the investigation is still underway, so he has not been sentenced. Filed Under: Edel Guzmán nephew Chapo

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