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El Chapo’ Guzmán allegedly sent a letter to his children from jail

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  • El Chapo allegedly made an unusual request of his children from jail.
  • His family has been in the crosshairs of the US government.
  • The contents of the alleged letter are revealed.

In the midst of intelligence operations carried out by US authorities to combat drug trafficking in Mexico, the contents of a letter that the former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, allegedly sent his children have been revealed. He supposedly asked them to do something unusual, according to Borderland Beat and Marca.

It should be noted that the US authorities have been keeping a close eye on the activities of the Mexican drug lord’s family, especially his children. After the arrest of Ovidio Guzmán, his brothers, collectively known as Los Chapitos, remain free.


They say they have not reached any agreement with "El Chapo"
AP Photo

In the midst of all this, the contents of a letter that supposedly was sent by the former head of the Sinaloa cartel to his children have come to light. In it, he allegedly asks them to do several things for the good of the family.

El Chapo’s children recently sent a letter to journalist Azucena Uresti denying they are involved in any illegal activities. They assured that they are not producers or traffickers of fentanyl. They have also denied leading the Sinaloa Cartel and even say they are being unfairly persecuted.


Sinaloa cartel
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According to Borderland Beat, the alleged letter begins: Hello mi reyes: It is with great pleasure and affection that I write to you, hoping that you are all doing well. I can tell you that I am very worried about everything that has come out on television. My wish is that you can have peace in your lives and a life without problems.

He continues:  I miss you all very much ‘mi reyes’. It’s very hard here but I have faith that you can reach a good agreement. I need you to pay closer attention to the lawyer.


Letter Chapo Guzmán sons
AP Photo

The letter goes on: You must think about the future and well-being of the family, but just let everything be done through the lawyers, do not show your faces or the family. I do not want you to be like this or to continue like this. Try to fix everything. Remember that no one can be trusted, and everyone is going to try to fix their problems at our expense.

And finally: For now, keep a low profile as much as possible. You must go unnoticed like ghosts so that nobody talks about you. You must wait a few months for the waters to calm down and try to avoid scandals. Check the list that the lawyer has, those are the ones you want so that you can make good points with these friends, so that things get better for El Ratón.

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