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El Chapo de Sinaloa and his horse fall in the middle of a jaripeo (VIDEO)

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  • Mexican singer El Chapo de Sinaloa falls during a performance.
  • He lost control of his horse at a jaripeo.
  • What happened to the singer?

El Chapo de Sinaloa and his horse have a terrible fall. Popular Mexican singer Ernesto Pérez, also known as ‘El Chapo de Sinaloa’, recently announced new dates for his tour, which has already started with great success. However, he recently had a painful incident.

The Le Hace Falta un Beso singer had an embarrassing moment in the middle of a jaripeo, which was captured on video by hundreds of people who were there. It was also a terrible accident that involved a horse and looked quite painful.

El Chapo de Sinaloa has a dramatic fall during a performance

PHOTO: Instagram

There are quite a few Mexican artists who have known how to jaripear with great style. The late singer Joan Sebastian is a perfect example. However, there are other regional Mexican performers who have also tried it with less success.

El Chapo de Sinaloa was doing a show in Reno, Nevada City, where he took the opportunity to perform his most popular songs and also rode. However, the Recostada en la Cama singer didn’t foresee what would happen.

El Chapo de Sinaloa’s terrible fall

El Chapo of Sinaloa suffers a terrible fall
PHOTO: Instagram

The Mexican singer had a terrible fall which looked quite painful. The video of El Chapo de Sinaloa’s fall with his horse is circulating on social media.

Ernesto Pérez was just making his entrance on a huge white horse when he lost control of the animal, which reared up and then fell. The singer and his horse both ended up on the ground.

People rushed to help the singer

El Chapo of Sinaloa suffers a terrible fall
PHOTO: Instagram

There are videos showing the fall from different perspectives. It looked quite painful for El Chapo de Sinaloa. He hits a wall and the video stops just a few seconds later.

Immediately, the staff ran to help him, however so far it has not been reported how the regional Mexican singer is doing. People were shocked by what happened and hope he’s okay.

What do people think about this incident?

PHOTO: Mezcalent

This video was shared on Sadrach.Entertainment’s Instagram where many people were impressed by the terrible moment. Many also commented about what happened: «These luxuries could only be afforded without a problem by Mr. Joan Sebastian,» said one user.

“But what happened to the horse?” “Dear Chapo, I hope you’re okay” “The horse must have hit harder, of course I hope he’s okay.” “What a terrible fall.” “Well, how wasn’t the horse going to knock him down, if he buries the spurs on the horse very hard.” “I hope the Chapo is well.”

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