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El Buki’s wife Cristy Solís dazzles in daring bikinis

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Esposa Buki bikinis
  • El Buki’s wife Cristy Solís wears daring bikinis.
  • She stuns her fans with her gorgeous photos.

Singer El Buki’s wife Cristy Solís wears daring bikinis, showing off her curves to her faithful followers who can’t wait to see what she will post on Instagram next.

These are just some of the comments her beautiful bikini pics get: «I would love to kiss your pretty feet.» «Delicious.» «You look great.» «How beautiful» «You’re a super cute woman.»


sensual singing couple
Instagram photo

On a yacht, wearing a blue top and showing off her toned legs, Marco Antonio Solís’s wife wrote the following in her post: «Although it seems that there is time for everything, I think we must give priority to what makes us happy because you never know. Make the present your favorite place. Good morning everyone.»

Her fans responded: «Mamacita.» «How are you so hot, what cool legs you have.» «Divine woman.» «Beautiful,» were just some of the comments Cristy Solís received on her post.

Cristy Solís: «WHAT NICE LEGS»

sensual singing couple
Instagram photo

Cristy captioned this photo: “Silence the noise of the mind, to be able to listen to the subtle sound of the universe. Happy Sunday friends. Have a peaceful Sunday my friends.” To which her fans immediately replied: «How delicious those legs look baby.» «I love you, I love you and until the end … I will love you.» «I love you, blessings.»

Others commented: “Happy Monday Cristy, have a nice day.” “You’re lovely, Mrs. Cris. Greetings and blessings.” “A real queen.” «How good, all good.” “Sailing the muse of inspiration of the Great Marco Ingenio.” “What a beautiful woman.»


Wife buki bikini
Instagram photo

In another post, she wrote: “Every day has its magic. Every moment has its charm.” In this image she’s wearing a bikini, covered with a towel and holding a large bird. People immediately commented: “What a beautiful and statuesque body.” “Such legs.” “You are from another planet.” “Heart-stopping and hot.”

“You’re extraordinary, sweetheart.” “You would be better without a towel, to see that beautiful body.” “How beautiful and with that connection with nature it makes you more admirable. Greetings from Venezuela.”, “You’re so delicious.” “You’re a very beautiful doll, you look delicious baby.”


sensual singing couple
Instagram photo

In another photograph, she posed on a yacht wearing a black bikini with a sheer red cover-up. People commented: «Beauty, beautiful, pretty, precious, queen, admirable and owner of a great body, unique, what more can you ask of life, beautiful princess. Wooooooooow.” “Such beautiful legs.” “Cristy also arrived in February because I also have a birthday this month and it’s the day of love and friendship.”

Some others commented: «That red on your skin is beautiful.» «Every birthday makes you more beautiful, congratulations in advance Cristy.» «Congratulations Cristy, I see why I like you so much, we’re from the same month and it’s good that your day is always full of light of our father God and much love from your family, my admiration and respect for you always.»

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