Inicio » English » Edwin Luna appears in a corset with his wife — has he come out of the closet?

Edwin Luna appears in a corset with his wife — has he come out of the closet?

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  • Edwin Luna is involved in a new scandal.
  • The Mexican singer appears wearing a corset with his wife and many wonder if he has come out of the closet
  • “How beautiful the two look.”

What would Vicente Fernandez, Jorge Negrete, Javier Solís, José Alfredo Jiménez, Pedro Infante say if they were alive? Mexican singer Edwin Luna, leader of La Trakalosa de Monterey, once again gives people something to talk about. He appeared wearing a corset with his wife, Kimberly Flores, leading many to wonder if he has already come out of the closet.

Born on September 6, 1987 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, Edwin has been in the eye of the hurricane in recent months, either because of rumors of a possible divorce from his wife or because of the image he has recently presented. For many, it is far from being typical of a regional Mexican singer.

“Why doesn’t Edwin notice?”

"Why doesn't Edwin notice?"
instagram photo

Last month a post by Edwin Luna, on the occasion of Kimberly Flores’s birthday, set off alarms among his followers, as several of them noticed that she looked displeased. “Why doesn’t Edwin realize?” they wondered.

It should be remembered that on the first season of La Casa de los Famosos, a Telemundo reality show that is currently in its second season, Kim appeared to have been unfaithful to her husband with actor Roberto Romano, to such an extent that the singer went to pick her up. Although it was later said that her departure had been for personal reasons.

People tell Edwin Luna that he is blind

They tell Edwin Luna that he lacked 'removing his horns'
instagram photo

Recently, Edwin Luna was on everyone’s lips after a photograph was leaked on social media where he appears with his head completely shaved, again accompanied by his wife, Kimberly Flores, who had given a preview in her Instagram stories. In the end, it turned out to be a joke.

But what the couple did not count on was that their haters would remind them of Kim’s alleged infidelity with Roberto Romano on La Casa de los Famosos: “Surely in the last photo she wanted him with a beard to remind her of Romano.” ” He is blind and that can be seen from space.” “With a beard, your lady loves that, it reminds her of Romano.”

“Little by little you are coming out of the closet”

"Little by little you are coming out of the closet"
instagram photo

Before he was seen wearing a corset with his wife, singer Edwin Luna, who is promoting the song Hasta que Salga el Sol, wore an outfit that caused all kinds of reactions. One person even told him that, in this way, little by little he was coming out of the closet.

Another person went further and sarcastically told Vicente Fernández to relax, because his music was in good hands: “With all due respect, how ugly.” “That style is not for you” “That mam…na ” “You sing very well, but you need to dress well.” “Does the cuckold and his tracanaca still exist?”

People say Edwin Luna is gay

They assure that it is a matter of time for Edwin Luna to declare himself gay
instagram photo

Suelta la sopa, a Telemundo program that went off the air at the end of last year, shared this controversial image on social media in which Edwin Luna is seen wearing a corset with his wife, Kimberly Flores. Of course, users did not miss the opportunity to criticize him.

“I feel like it won’t take long for him to declare himself gay by pretending to be straight.” “He refuses to come out of the closet, Edwin.” “That man is like having fun with his best friend.” “He is not hiding anything, he is very close.” “The two girls look at each other very well.” “Which one is the wife of the two?” “I could not see my husband like that, sorry , but he wears masks, a corset, everything.” “I think he looks more feminine.”

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