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Eduin Caz, lead singer of Grupo Firme, is hospitalized

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  • Eduin Caz causes alarm on social media.
  • He was hospitalized due to an emergency.
  • Mhoni Vidente’s prediction came true.

As we know, the Internet is a world full of information and now, with social media, situations that celebrities experience on a daily basis are leaked. And indeed, once again, everyone is talking about Instagram as it has alarmed many people.

Well, a photograph of Eduin Caz was leaked that immediately alarmed many of his followers. He’s seen lying on a stretcher connected to medical machines. This was shared on his wife’s Instagram stories. So what is happening with the singer? Mhoni Vidente had already warned him because one of her predictions was that he got the Hanged man card: «it will not be so easy to get to the top.»

Eduin Caz causes alarm after appearing in the hospital

Eduin Caz hospitalized emergency
Photo: Instagram

Twenty twenty-one was undoubtedly the best year for Grupo Firme. That’s why information about the group frequently circulates on social media, as they have become one of the most famous groups of the Mexican regional genre, according to El Heraldo.

Once again it was Eduin Caz who caught everyone’s attention as a photograph was posted showing that he’s going through a complicated health situation. Many of his followers were alarmed when they saw the image.

Eduin Caz went to the ER due to respiratory complications

Eduin Caz hospitalized emergency
Photo: Instagram

The news that has caused a stir among his thousands of fans was spread through his wife, Daisy Anahy’s, social media. She shared a photo on her Instagram stories that immediately caused fury among fans and the media, reported El Heraldo.

In the story shared by Anahy one can see that Eduin Caz is in a hospital bed. The reason for the singer’s hospitalization has not been revealed but the truth is that it’s considered a serious situation. The message on the post says: «God be willing, everything will be fine,» accompanied by prayer and crying emojis.

What is happening with the lead singer of Grupo Firme?

Eduin Caz hospitalized emergency
Photo: Instagram

According to El Heraldo, the reason why the vocalist had to go to the hospital urgently has not yet been officially revealed, it’s important to mention that a few days ago Eduin Caz shared on social media that he was feeling unwell. And although he didn’t confirm it, it’s believed that it was due to respiratory problems, which could have worsened leading to his hospitalization.

The weather conditions in winter are known to be truly challenging for the celebrity, as he revealed long ago that he suffers from asthma. That is why at this time of year he usually uses an oxygen mask because his ability to breath is hindered by temperature changes. Filed Under: Eduin Caz Hospitalized Emergency.

Eduin Caz denies rumors that he has Covid

denies rumors that he has Covid
Photo: Instagram

«People saying that I have Covid! No, I do not have Covid, a lie, that’s totally false. My true fans know that the cold kills me because I have asthma,» he revealed on his Instagram account on December 23rd. Hours before having to be treated urgently, he posted a photograph in which he said that he was ill, as was his little girl.

«Someone is ill like her daddy,» Eduin Caz wrote in his story.  He looked truly exhausted and it’s said that after he posted the photo he had to hospitalized with severe complications.

Mhoni Vidente’s prediction is fulfilled

Mhoni Vidente's prediction is fulfilled
Photo: Instagram

The Cuban clairvoyant has released her predictions for 2022 exclusively for celebrities and apparently no good things are coming for Eduin Caz. According to the tarot cards, it will be a very complicated year in matters of both love and health for the vocalist of Grupo Firme.

When she was talking about the group, she immediately took out the Hanged man card, «Grupo Firme will definitely not have it easy in 2022», were Mhoni Vidente’s words. And she added that, although they have been very successful and lucky, witchcraft is haunting them.

Witchcraft haunts Grupo Firme

Witchcraft haunts Grupo Firme in every way
Photo: Instagram

“Envy, anger, hatred, witchcraft and betrayal are upon them. It wasn’t possible to reach the summit without facing the Hanged man card for Grupo Firme,» said the psychic on her official YouTube channel. She stated that Eduin is going to have many problems.

«Eduin Caz is going to have problems in matters of infidelity and problems of separation from his wife that he won’t be able to bear. They’re going to be talking about taking time from each other and each one going their own way, so the price of fame and the price of power has brought severe consequences,» she added. Filed Under: Eduin Caz Hospitalized Emergency.

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