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Mexican singer Dulce loses a kidney after surgery to remove a tumor

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Singer Dulce loses a kidney (Photo: Mezcalent/Shutterstock)
  • Dulce loses kidney.
  • Surgery for benign tumor.
  • Participation in reality show.

Bertha Elisa Noeggerath Cárdenas isn’t going through the best of times.

The Mexican singer, better known as Dulce, lost a kidney after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor.

This talented performer is remembered for musical hits such as «Tu muñeca,» «Lobo,» and «Déjame volver contigo.»

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What really happened to Dulce?

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Mexican singer Dulce loses a kidney after surgery to remove a tumor / PHOTO: Meznivel

According to a report by Excélsior via their website, singer Dulce was hospitalized last weekend.

The reason? To receive treatment for the nodule that was diagnosed just last month.

More details were shared on the Ventaneando program, hosted by Pati Chapoy.

«It is known that the surgery was a complete success. The doctors were able to remove the ailment that was afflicting her… a swift recovery is expected.»

The singer ‘shows her face’

Sweet kidney singer, interview, First hand, Gustavo Adolfo Infante, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalo

On the other hand, singer Dulce wasted no time and got in touch with the De primera mano program.

The singer sent a voice message to journalist and host of this program, Gustavo Adolfo Infante, which he shared with the viewers.

«I’m perfectly fine. It was a successful operation. The most comforting thing was hearing the doctor say, ‘I’m very happy because you’re clean.'»

To conclude, she mentioned that the tumor was benign. However, she did not mention that her kidney had been removed.

Can she continue singing?

interview, Ventaneando, life, sing, MundoNOW
Mexican singer Dulce loses a kidney after surgery to remove a tumor / PHOTO: Meznivel

One crucial point is that singer Dulce, despite the possibility of losing a kidney (which she did not confirm), appears to be in good spirits.

«Now is the time to continue enjoying life and keep singing,» she added.

It is worth noting that a few weeks ago, she gave an interview where she revealed that she would undergo surgery.

During this conversation, she admitted that there was a possibility of losing the kidney, according to information from Excélsior.

«I’m not going on this one»

video, state of health, problems, concert, MundoNOW
Mexican singer Dulce loses a kidney after surgery to remove a tumor / PHOTO: Meznivel

Due to her health issues, singer Dulce was forced to postpone a concert she was scheduled to perform in March.

To avoid misunderstandings, she uploaded a video around those dates where she stated that the most important thing was that she was seeking medical attention.

«I don’t have a mortal problem; I have a health issue, perfectly remediable and treatable… I’m not planning on going anywhere because of this,» she expressed.

She also mentioned that her body didn’t have the strength to withstand a potential fall or fainting spell.

“It is the will of God,” says Dulce

Sweet kidney singer, Netflix, Always queens, reality show, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalo

Another reason why singer Dulce has been the talk of the town in recent days is her participation in «Siempre reinas.»

In this Netflix reality show, the artist shares credits with Lucía Méndez, Lorena Herrera, Olivia Collins, and Rosa Gloria Chagoyán.

According to information from Radio Fórmula, Dulce, when the discomfort started, spent three days sleeping instead of going to a hospital.

«My brain wasn’t connecting with my mouth, so that’s why my son-in-law brought me here, and they didn’t let me leave,» she commented.

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