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Undocumented immigrants in Illinois will be able to get a license that will function as an identity document

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Driver's license for undocumented immigrants, HB 3882 - Licencia de conducir para indocumentados, ley HB 3882, Real ID, Illinois, MundoNOW
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  • Driver’s License for Undocumented Individuals in Illinois
  • Law HB 3882 Signed
  • Complies with Real ID

Starting July 1, 2024, undocumented immigrants in Illinois will have a significant benefit.

They will be able to obtain a driver’s license that also serves as an identity document.

On June 30, 2023, Governor J.B. Pritzker signed law HB 3882.

This law modifies how temporary driving licenses are issued to undocumented immigrants in Illinois.

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Driver's license for undocumented immigrants, Effective date, Governor, Policy change, Real ID Illinois, MundoNow
«Driver’s license for undocumented individuals in Illinois / PHOTO Shutterstock»

«We need to make sure that communities have the tools to feel truly welcome,» said Pritzker.

In 2013, Illinois became the first state to grant temporary licenses to undocumented immigrants.

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Over 300,000 people have obtained a driver’s license thanks to this initiative.

Previous temporary licenses were only valid for driving and could not be used as identification.

These licenses included the phrase «not valid for identification,» which disclosed the bearer’s immigration status.

Alexi Giannoulias, the state secretary, highlighted that removing this phrase will help prevent discrimination.

The new licenses will comply with the federal Real ID law standards.

These licenses will be valid for four years, explained Pritzker.


Illinois DMV Appointments, Driver's License 2024, JB Pritzker immigration law, Undocumented license requirements, MundoNow
«Driver’s license for undocumented individuals in Illinois / Archive MH»

Applicants must schedule an appointment online or by phone to visit the DMV offices in Illinois.

The appointment request system is available at or by calling (844) 817-4649.

Requirements include proving residency in Illinois for at least 12 months and providing a current address.

They must also demonstrate that they are not eligible for a social security number.

A valid and current passport or consular card is necessary.

Undocumented immigrants must also pass vision tests.

They must pass the written and practical driving tests.

The license cost is $30.

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«Driver’s license for undocumented individuals/ PHOTO: MundoNOW»

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