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Driver passes out behind the wheel and ends up being arrested for DUI

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  • Driver passes out behind the wheel.
  • He was arrested for drug use.
  • He was found by the police.

An impressive video on ViralHog has begun to circulate on social media. In the recording it is possible to see how a driver falls asleep at the wheel and winds up being arrested for DUI. He never imagined that it would end like this.

After realizing that he was intoxicated due to excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and various drugs, it was quite an odyssey to get him get out of the driver’s seat on his own to talk with the authorities who were already waiting for him.

Driver passes out at the wheel and ends up being arrested for DUI

Driver fell asleep at the wheel and ends up arrested for DUI
PHOTO: ViralHog video capture

In the first seconds of the video, another motorist can be seen approaching to record a driver who was inside his car. The strange thing about the situation is that he was sound asleep and with all the windows were rolled up.

The man worried a possible lack of oxygen inside the car and decided to call the authorities so that they could do something about the situation. The man said to the officers: “I was driving north on the 71 freeway. When I got off at the 155th street exit, I noticed that the vehicle was not moving. I sat at a few traffic lights until I got out and walked up to his vehicle and saw the driver passed out. My first thought was to call the police.”

He was only asleep

I was asleep
PHOTO: ViralHog video capture

Minutes later, police officers arrived on the scene, the driver who had found him explained the situation to them and they acted quickly. They tried to open the door but it was locked, so it was to no avail.

As a second option they resorted to knocking on the window several times and that was when the man reacted, so they realized that he was just taking “a nap”. The officer asked him to lower the window and the man seemed not to understand or to be in a trance, that’s when they began to suspect he wasn’t just tired.

The man tried to run away

Man tried to run away
PHOTO: ViralHog video capture

After asking him more than three times to lower the window without receiving any response, the officer began to raise his voice to intimidate the driver. And conveniently he continued to ignore him.

However, he started his car and began moving slowly, presumably to escape and avoid being arrested after being found in such a state and carrying illicit substances.

They managed to get him out and he was arrested for DUI

They managed to get it out
PHOTO: ViralHog video capture

Finally, and after several shouts for him to stop, as well as blocking him with a patrol car to keep him from escaping, it was like the man just decided to get out of the car and pay attention to what the officers were asking him.

After a short conversation with the man, the police realized that he was under the influence of drugs, so they quickly searched his car and found narcotics. The driver was immediately handcuffed and arrested.

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