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Drink water first thing in the morning: 10 incredible benefits

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The benefits of drinking water are plentiful. According to experts, this vital liquid must be consumed regularly throughout the day to help our body work properly and to enable us to perform all daily activities comfortably and safely.

According to medical recommendations, to obtain the greatest benefits from drinking water, it is necessary for men to consume about three liters per day and women should consume about 2.7 liters per day. This will balance your body, but it’s not the only advantage! Here are 10 benefits of drinking water in the morning.

10. Improves skin condition

water somewhere

Among the main benefits of drinking water in the morning is a notable improvement in your skin. It helps get rid of toxins more quickly and provides the necessary nutrients to make you feel and look spectacular. No beauty product could replace the benefits of drinking water in the morning!

It is not about drinking the three liters of water that your body needs a day, especially if you are fasting, but it is advisable to drink at least half a liter of water when you wake up to improve circulation and increase the production of blood cells.

9. Water hydrates the body

A glass of water in the hands of a person

Some doctors recommend drinking water immediately before eating any food in the morning, while others say that it is also ideal to drink at least half a liter of water before lunch, dinner and any other snack that you are going to eat throughout the day.

This is because the consumption of liquid water, as well as the water consumed through fruits and vegetables, helps the body receive all the properties of this liquid and hydrate itself. By creating this habit, it will be easier to improve intestinal health at any stage of life.

8. Lose weight


Among the most attractive benefits of drinking water in the morning is weight loss. This is because drinking water on an empty stomach or before each meal, could help you experience a greater feeling of satiety that allows you to consume less food.

Also, if you drink water after waking up, your metabolism will speed up by up to 24%, which will improve the digestive process and purify colon health. As a long-term benefit, a routine is created in which the body is able to absorb nutrients more easily.

7. Water makes hair shine

A person filling a glass of water

Remember that the benefits of drinking water in the morning are not limited to better intestinal health, which is already a big step towards overall well-being, it also helps to considerably improve the appearance and texture of hair.

One of the reasons for this is that water represents 25% of the weight of the hair, so by reducing water consumption the hair tends to get delicate and brittle. Drink water in the morning and check how it improves the appearance of your hair in a short time!

6. Prevents kidney stones


In the morning, the intestine releases toxins that water helps to eliminate. For this reason it is believed that drinking water on an empty stomach allows the stomach to get rid of all those toxins that can be harmful. Another aspect that represents a benefit is that, by drinking water in the morning, the risk of some infections is reduced.

Science has confirmed that drinking water on an empty stomach prevents, in most cases, the formation of kidney stones, as it dilutes the acids that cause the formation of annoying and painful stones in these organs. On the other hand, drinking water in the morning also prevents recurrent bladder infections from occurring.

5. Water strengthens the immune system


Do you want to strengthen your immune system and generally improve your health? Then this is the ideal time for you to pour yourself a glass of water as soon as you wake up and before consuming any other food. By doing so, you will rid the stomach of toxins and also find a balance in the lymphatic system.

This habit greatly contributes to the lymphatic system being strong enough to help the immune system and prevent the body from easily contracting any type of infection; without a doubt, water will make you feel healthier in the short and long term.

4. Reduces heartburn

A glass to which water is being served

If you suffer from heartburn and chronic indigestion, do not hesitate to drink water before any meal, but especially after waking up, since these two discomforts are caused by an increase in acids that accumulate in the esophagus.

The main benefit of drinking water in the morning, specifically for the esophagus, is that this liquid will help remove acidity and dilute it naturally in the stomach. By doing so, you will notice how the consumption of food will be more comfortable and without adverse reactions.

3.Water prevents headaches


One of the most common causes of chronic headache is dehydration. This occurs when people have not adopted the habit of consuming water on a regular basis and are inclined towards carbonated drinks that could cause stomach damage such as heartburn and gastritis.

Along with the decrease in headaches, both in intensity and frequency, drinking water upon waking will also improve dental health, making teeth brighter and causing better breath.

2. Eliminates toxins


Drinking water on an empty stomach is considered one of the most effective methods to eliminate excess toxins in the body, especially from the intestines, to promote bowel movement and avoid suffering from indigestion, heartburn or chronic constipation.

People who suffer from constipation or hemorrhoids should consume a greater amount of water so that the body makes less effort to eliminate waste and these can be evacuated safely and without complications.

1. Provides mental clarity


Mental clarity upon waking is one of the great benefits of drinking water in the morning, as adequate hydration has been associated with greater mental function and performance; This means that you will feel more able to start and finish all your daily tasks without giving in to fatigue.

Another aspect to consider is that drinking water also allows you to memorize more things and reduces the probability of forgetting important data or seeing a significant reduction in physical performance. The minimum amount of water that is recommended to drink upon waking is one glass.

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