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Chiqui Delgado poses in a daring dress and lights up social media

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Dress of Chiqui Delgado, Contest, Woman, MundoNow, News
Chiqui Delgado' dress (Photo: Getty Images)
  • The dress of Chiqui Delgado broke the Internet.
  • Stellar and popular host.
  • Controversial outfit on social media

Chiquinquirá always makes an impact with the elegant dresses she usually chooses for each of the important galas she hosts.

It is worth mentioning that the girlfriend of journalist Jorge Ramos has been the star presenter of several television programs.

Without a doubt, the Venezuelan host always captivates her followers with her unique beauty through social media.

On this occasion, Chiqui Delgado was in charge of completely raising the temperature and stealing the sighs of her followers.

The Dress of Chiqui Delgado

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Photo: Mezcalent

The Venezuelan has been the star presenter of the popular reality show ‘Mira Quíen baila’ since the first season of the show.

Every week the beautiful presenter, along with her stylist, managed to leave viewers speechless.

But her last look turned out to be totally controversial, causing hundreds of comments, including criticism and praise for Chiqui Delgado.

Social media are already part of the daily lives of many people, including celebrities, such is the case of Chiquinquirá.

Controversy in Chiquinquirá’s clothing

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Photo: Mezcalent

Jorge Ramos’ loving partner always shares what happens in his daily life, from his work projects to his personal life.

Chiqui Delgado used her social media to share a series of photographs from the last gala of ‘Mira Quíen Baila’.

In them she shows off one of her elegant dresses that she wore on that special night, leaving very little to the imagination regarding the style of the garment.

She did this through her official Instagram account, posting a brief description.

Elegance in each ‘Mira Quién Baila’ gala

Elegance, Subtlety, Print, Image, Personality
Photo: Mezcalent

«An unforgettable gala! #miraquienbaila #granfinal,” wrote the girlfriend of the Mexican journalist, accompanying the text with a black heart emoji.

The dress that Chiquinquirá wore has a huge opening that goes from her shoulder to her feet, exposing her skin.

The garment is held only with two strips of gold-tone fabric, leaving speculation that she was not wearing underwear.

With her hair down, subtle makeup, and simple yet cute black heels, that’s how she complemented her outfit.

What will Jorge Ramos think?

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Photo: Mezcalent

As expected, reactions began to appear. Many Internet users praised the Venezuelan.

While others filled her with criticism, ensuring that the dress did not suit her body.

Others said it wasn’t necessary to show too much skin to look beautiful. The opinions were present in the comments.

The reaction that journalist Jorge Ramos had does not appear in the post, but there is no doubt that Chiqui Delgado’s boyfriend felt jealous.

Exposure on social media

Reactions, Criticisms, Followers, Entertainment, Chiqui Delgado in daring dress
Photo: Mezcalent

«She is beautiful, but that the dress, showing does not make a woman elegant», «She looks spectacular», «Beautiful», it reads.

«I have seen other better outfits on you, my beautiful Venezuelan,» «You are very beautiful, and you have a spectacular figure,» said others.

«You are beautiful without needing to show off», «She is pretty but I don’t like the dress», «Less is more», «what a beauty,» they shared.

«Great body», «Spectacularly beautiful», «You know how to show it off», «sensuality mommy», expressed her followers.

Opinions divided on social media

Opinions, Romance, Sensuality, MundoNow, Screen
Chiqui Delgado in daring dress-Photo: Mezcalent

Without a doubt, the ‘scandalous’ photographs that Chiqui Delgado shared divided opinions on social media.

For many, it was not necessary for the dress to reveal much skin for the Venezuelan to look her most radiant.

But there were those who defended their decision, ensuring that, as always, stood out its unique beauty through the screen.

Chiquinquirá is one of those personalities who has an enviable body. TO SEE THE PHOTOS CLICK HERE.

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