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What did Dr. Frank Suárez have to say about magnesium?

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Frank Suárez magnesium, avocado, banana, MG, MundoNOW / Frank Suárez magnesio, aguacate, plátano, MG, MundoNOW
Frank Suárez on magnesium / PHOTO: Shutterstock
  • Dr. Frank Suárez on magnesium.
  • What he says about its benefits.
  • Magnesium is good for the metabolism.

A little over two years after his tragic and untimely death, Dr. Frank Suárez remains a presence on his various social media platforms.

Through his official YouTube channel, the health guru shared a video where he discusses the benefits of magnesium.

In simple terms, magnesium is a vital nutrient our bodies require to maintain good health. It plays a crucial role in numerous bodily processes.

For instance, it regulates muscle and nervous system function and helps maintain blood sugar levels.

Dr. Frank Suárez on magnesium

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Photo: Shutterstock

After welcoming his followers, the founder of Metabolismo TV asked how much magnesium one should take.

He went on to emphasize that magnesium is a «miraculous» mineral and that many people are unaware of its antidepressant properties.

Among its various benefits, magnesium aids in lowering blood pressure, weight management, better sleep and bowel regularity.

«In worldwide studies, it has been discovered that no mineral is more deficient in the population than magnesium,» he noted.

The ‘miraculous’ mineral

Frank Suárez magnesium, calcium, doctor, recommendations, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Before proceeding, the obesity and metabolism expert emphasized that magnesium is a mineral everyone needs.

«I’ve realized over the years that it’s impossible to control diabetes without magnesium,» Dr. Frank Suárez stated.

Moments later, the Puerto Rican entrepreneur pointed out that magnesium acts as an antidepressant and sometimes works better than other medications.

«They don’t sell it to you, they don’t promote it to you because it doesn’t make them money, but magnesium is an antidepressant,» he affirmed.

The health benefits of this mineral

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Photo: Shutterstock

As mentioned earlier, another advantage of magnesium is its role in regulating bowel movements.

«When you use magnesium, you’ll have regular bowel movements without needing ‘sacred bark’. Magnesium facilitates intestinal movement.»

In another part of the video, Dr. Frank Suárez explained that this mineral also controls the entry of potassium into cells.

Once again, the health expert stressed that magnesium is a miraculous mineral that everyone should include in their daily routine.

Dr. Frank Suárez on magnesium and how much you need

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Nearly wrapping up, the founder of NaturalSlim shared that there are eight classes of magnesium and revealed further details.

«First and foremost, we use a powdered form of magnesium because we’ve found it to be the best method for magnesium dosing.»

Dr. Frank Suárez revealed that the body is so finely tuned it’s important not to take too much of the mineral.

«When these cells are saturated with magnesium, the body will try to eliminate it because it can no longer use it,» the health guru warned.

Can you overdose on magnesium?

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Photo: Shutterstock

Finally, the creator of Metabolismo TV wanted to make it clear that there’s no risk of overdosing on magnesium.

«When the intestines have an excess of magnesium, you might experience a brief bout of diarrhea,» he cautioned.

He advises people to take the powdered form of magnesium for optimal absorbtion.

Dr. Suarez says to start with one teaspoon. The following day, take one and a half teaspoons, and so forth until you find your intestinal tolerance. To watch the video click HERE.

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