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Don’t eat these foods for dinner!

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  • These foods can cause indigestion.
  • It is not a good idea to eat these foods for dinner!
  • What you should eat instead.

Foods to avoid at dinnertime. Many of us have no idea how our digestive system reacts at night or that stomach issues have a lot to do with the food we eat. We must take special care with our food all the time, but especially at night.

Having a poor diet before bed can not only affect your sleep, but also has serious health consequences. Here we will tell you what foods you should avoid eating at night before they do catastrophic damage to your health. Pay attention!

It is not good to skip main meals

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Nutritionist and doctor ,Jorge Juan Prieto Cueto, wrote an article on his blog, Saber Vivir Tv, about the foods you should avoid at dinnertime because, in addition to being harmful at any time of the day, they could have even worse consequences at night, when you are going to sleep.

“If most nutritionists agree on one thing, it is that it is not good to skip any of the main meals, including dinner. In addition, many emphasize that the ideal dinner should be light. But do not be confused, this does not mean that it should be meager.» Filed Under: Foods to Avoid for Dinner

Foods to avoid for dinner: Sausage and chorizo

Foods to avoid for dinner
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Sausage and chorizo are among the worst things that can be consumed at night because they contain a large amount of fat that makes them hard to digest. However, cooked ham and sliced ​​turkey breast are also bad because, although they are lean, they are also processed foods which you should avoid.

To replace these two delicious foods, you can find the necessary nutrients in things such as eggs, fish or in the plant world, which are much healthier. Dr. Jorge Juan Prieto assures that this is much healthier…. Filed Under: Foods to avoid for dinner

Certain fruits are not good at all…

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You may have thought fruit is always healthy because it’s light and nutritious. However, there are some fruits that are hard to digest. «The consumption of foods rich in vitamin C, such as kiwi, strawberries or tangerines is essential for health. However, not necessarily at dinner time,» says the nutritionist.

“Citrus fruits are very acidic foods. During the day this acidity has no consequences unless we suffer from some kind of stomach disorder, but at night it will probably cause a indigestion and a burning sensation,» the doctor added. Filed Under: Foods to Avoid for Dinner

Avoid eating chocolate

Foods to avoid for dinner
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Yes, chocolate is delicious and very few people don’t count it as a favorite dessert. Although this delicious sweet can be eaten in the evening, it is not the best idea. “In small amounts it is not a problem, but if we go from one to more than three ounces, it can hinder the digestive process and this, in turn, can affect sleep.”

«Remember that you can enjoy without guilt, in small amounts, the flavor and nutritional properties of dark chocolate throughout the day,» said nutritionist Jorge Juan Prieto. His blog, Saber Vivir TV has information on many other interesting topics. Filed Under: Foods to Avoid for Dinner

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