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The ‘Donkey’ Van Rankin is fired from ‘Miembros al Aire’ without explanation (VIDEO)

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  • Jorge Van Rankin will no longer host Miembros al Aire.
  • He is furious at the network’s decision.
  • The ‘Donkey’ says he wasn’t given an explanation.

Popular Mexican presenter Jorge Van Rankin Arellano is beyond furious with Televisa after they made the drastic decision to say «goodbye» to him after fifteen years on the air! He was quite taken aback.

The 59-year-old Mexican host spoke about this unexpected news on Instagram, where he expressed his discontent and said he would reveal exactly what happened. However he stressed that he had no idea why he was suddenly fired.

Donkey Van Rankin is fired from Miembros al Aire

PHOTO: Instagram

Does this news sound familiar to you? A short time ago Puerto Rican host Adamari López faced a similar situation when, after hosting Telemundo’s Hoy Día for more than 10 years, she was dismissed.

Many were shocked that Jorge Van Rankin will no longer be on the show. Recently, the host spoke out about what happened in a video he shared on his official Instagram account.

Jorge says he doesn’t understand why he was fired

PHOTO: Instagram

In a surprising video, Donky Van Rankin began: «How are you dear friends, friends how are you? Today is May 1st, Labor Day and I am watching the Americanistas in women’s soccer against the Rayadas, it is very good women’s soccer and the América team plays very well.”

However, he immediately went for the jugular with the subject of his dismissal from Miembros al Aire, something that many did not expect: «Tomorrow don’t miss it, I’m going to do a live of my departure from Miembros al Aire and explain why, how, and way they did things.» he said angrily.

He was furious

Donkey Van Rankin is fired from Members on Air
PHOTO: Instagram

«I find it a little unpleasant, because they threw me in the corridor of Televisa San Ángel without giving me an explanation after fourteen years,» he added. He also said that Tuesday, May 2, he will do an Instagram live speaking at length on this topic, which caught him completely off guard. It’s important to remember that Jorge was a fundamental part of the program.

«Tomorrow I will talk to you about this whole issue, about my departure from Miembros al Aire. I will share one or two segments that I have already recorded, and then any complaints with Damián and with those of Unicable, but I will no longer be there due to a decision that I don’t know,» he told his followers.

Van Rankin says he has other job opportunities

Donkey Van Rankin is fired from Members on Air
PHOTO: Instagram

Finally, he stressed that he does not lack job opportunities, since his long career has made him a hot commodity. «It doesn’t bother me, it’s not bad vibes, not even as they say ‘without Yolanda Maricarmen,’ he said.

«I don’t cry because it hurts, thank God I have a job, I have offers to do other things, but it hurts because I was the first to do this program fourteen years ago and that they say goodbye to you without saying why and that they don’t face you or don’t even answer you, it’s tough,» revealed the 59-year-old Mexican comedian.

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