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Donald Trump testifies for 7 hours in NY business fraud lawsuit

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  • Former President Donald Trump testifies in NY.
  • He answered questions from NY Attorney General Letitia James.
  • He had been questioned by her before.

BACK IN THE EYE OF THE HURRICANE! Once again, former President Donald Trump had to appear before the New York attorney general. New York Attorney General Letitia James is investigating Trump’s and his children’s business practices.

Trump had already been questioned by the same prosecutor last summer, in regards to the same lawsuit. This week the former president spent over seven hours answering more questions.


Photo: Twitter

Donald Trump appeared this Thursday before New York Attorney General Letitia James, who accuses Trump, his company and three of his children of fraudulently manipulating the value of the assets of the family business for years in order to get loans and evade taxes, according to EFE.

The legal battle began last summer, when Trump had to travel to New York to appear before James and answer questions about his company. His three oldest children have also been involved in the investigation and are allegedly cooperating.

Why is Trump’s business being investigated?

Donald Trump New York: Why was he sued?
Photo: Twitter

Trump met with attorneys for Attorney General Letitia James, who began investigating Trump last year. Her lawsuit alleges that Trump and his family misled banks and business partners by giving them false information about his net worth and the value of assets such as hotels and golf courses, according to The Associated Press.

The lawsuit is unrelated to the felony criminal charges brought against Trump by the Manhattan district attorney, which led to his historic arraignment last week, the first for a former president, the AP noted.

What is James suing Trump for?

Donald Trump New York: What is the lawsuit asking for?
Photo: Twitter

James, who is leading the investigation into the civil fraud case, demands that the Trump Organization, pay $250 million and that both Trump — currently campaigning for the Republican presidential primaries — and his children be banned from doing business in New York, EFE indicated.

Last December, two companies linked to the Trump Organization were found guilty in a New York court on various charges of tax evasion, for paying executives a a significant portion of their compensation under the table so they could lower their taxable income.

Trump mocked the suit

Trump mocked the situation
Photo: Twitter

On Truth Social, Trump has accused James of being racist and of having leaked his time of appearance to the press. «This civil case is ridiculous,» wrote the former president, who considers all the investigations against him to be «electoral interference,» the EFE news agency said.

In addition, Trump’s campaign has released a long statement loaded with accusations against the AG whom he calls a radical and says she is persecuting Trump for political reasons, among many other things.

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