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Donald Trump testifies in his own civil fraud trial and makes a surprising admission

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Donald Trump, testifies, fraud, trial, admission
Donald Trump testifies (Photo: AP)
  • Trump testifies in his fraud trial.
  • He criticized the judge and the prosecutor.
  • Poll shows Trump leading Biden.

On Monday, November 6, just before 10 in the morning, Donald Trump entered the courtroom to testify in his civil fraud trial.

He admitted to ‘looking at’ financial statements according to EFE.

Trump testifies: He said he looked at them and «made suggestions» but stuck to his main defense argument.

He pointed out that these documents include a clause that he says «renders them worthless» and that his bankers and insurers will explain this further.

Trump testifies in court

Trump testifies at his own trial, Donald Trump, politician, fraud, United States
PHOTO: The Associated Press

The courtroom at 60 Center St. has become a familiar place for Donald Trump in recent weeks. He has spent hours sitting at the defense table, watching the proceedings closely.

He once took the stand briefly after being accused of violating a partial gag order.

Although Trump denied breaking the rules, Judge Arthur Engoron fined him, according to The Associated Press.

Most of his remarks have taken place outside the courtroom, where he has taken advantage of the presence of numerous media outlets to express his outrage.

Trump leads Biden in a recent poll

Joe Biden, President, United States, Polls 2024, Elections
Photo: Getty Images – MundoNOW Archive

In court, Trump referred to Judge Engoron as «biased» and New York Attorney General Letitia James as «evil» and «racist.»

Additionally, he talked about a New York Times poll that shows him leading Joe Biden in five key states.

He also claimed that he is being attacked by people who «hate this country» and that he is in a «very unfair situation,» according to Daily Mail.

Trump also insisted that the value of his Mar-a-Lago property is much higher than prosecutors have determined.

Mar-a-Lago’s value is at issue

Former President, Donald Trump, Civil Fraud Trial, United States, trial
PHOTO The Associated Press

According to him, his property is worth «between 50 and 100 times» more than the estimated $18 million.

In his speech, Trump took the opportunity to launch attacks against his political opponents and the Biden administration.

He accused President Biden of trying to «cheat» in the 2024 presidential election.

However, Attorney General Letitia James responded to these allegations by stating that «the numbers don’t lie,» noting that Trump repeatedly misrepresented and inflated the value of his assets.

Trump’s initial statements

Former president, politician, democrat, United States, MundoNOW
PHOTO The Associated Press

«Donald Trump made the statement «You and all the other district attorneys, federal prosecutors and Democratic prosecutors were after me from 15 different sides. All the Democrats, all the Trump haters,” Trump said at the trial.

State Attorney Kevin Wallace attempted to begin his direct examination by asking Trump about his revocable trust, according to ABC News.

«I thought there might be a conflict of interest, so I formed the trust,» Trump explained, describing the trustee and his son Donald Trump, Jr. as «a hard-working young man.»

He also talked about Allen Weisselberg, who was also a trustee, and who pleaded guilty to tax evasion, «He did a good job, he was very good at what he did.»

Trump says the court will rule against him

Former President, Democrat, Civil Fraud Trial, United States, trial
PHOTO The Associated Press

Prosecutor Kevin Wallace questioned Trump’s 2014 financial disclosure statement and he lashed out at Judge Engoron in his response.

«First of all, it was a long time ago. This is way beyond the statute of limitations,” Trump said. «But I’m sure the judge will rule against me because he always rules against me.»

The judge had already ordered the former president to respond concisely and asked lawyer, Christopher Kise, about the relevance of the response.

«This is an unusual situation and an unusual trial,» Kise responded. «I think it is fair that the court listen to his position. I certainly think it’s fair that the American people hear his position.»

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