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Donald Trump reveals what he will do if he is sentenced to prison

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Trump talks about jail (PHOTO AP)
  • Donald Trump Accepts Possible Jail Time.
  • Public Reaction Uncertain by Conviction.
  • Conviction Revitalizes Trump’s Presidential Campaign.

From the iconic Trump Tower in Manhattan, Trump delivered a direct message to his loyal supporters.

Without proof, he insisted that the verdict was «rigged» and politically motivated.

«We are going to fight,» he proclaimed from the lobby, where he descended the same golden escalator that he used when he announced his 2016 campaign.

The conviction has reinvigorated his followers, generating millions in new donations for his campaign, although its impact on independent and suburban voters remains uncertain.


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Trump jail -PHOTO AP

In an interview with Fox News broadcast on Sunday, former President Donald Trump surprised many by stating he would be «fine» with serving a possible jail sentence.

Or even, being under house arrest after his historic conviction for 34 serious crimes of falsifying business records, CNN reported.

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«I’m okay with that,» Trump said, displaying an unusually resigned attitude towards the possible legal consequences.

However, Trump also expressed doubts about the public’s reaction to a jail sentence.


Trump, trial, conviction, sentence, MundoNOW

«I don’t think the public will tolerate it. I’m not sure the public will support it,» he said, suggesting that there would be a «breaking point» for his followers, according to the media.

This defiant stance marks an attempt to move past his conviction and focus on his campaign to return to the White House.

Donald Trump declared he was willing to do whatever was necessary to «save our country and our Constitution.»

Despite the severity of the verdict, Trump maintained his usual rhetoric, claiming that the confidentiality agreement that led to his conviction was «totally legal, totally common.»

President Joe Biden responded from the White House, calling it «reckless, dangerous, and irresponsible» for someone to suggest that the verdict was rigged simply because they didn’t like the outcome.

Biden emphasized that Trump had every opportunity to defend himself at trial.

Donald Trump has centered his campaign on his legal troubles, alleging without evidence that the charges against him were orchestrated by Biden to harm his candidacy.

The charges, brought by local Manhattan prosecutors, stem from a scheme to influence the 2016 election by making payments to a porn actress to silence her about an alleged sexual encounter.

On Thursday, a Manhattan jury found Trump guilty of 34 charges related to this scheme, according to Efe.

Despite this, Trump sounded as defiant as ever, arguing that the verdict was illegitimate and politically motivated.

He announced he would appeal, insisting that these were not payments for silence but a legal confidentiality agreement.

Trump has spent the last two years criticizing the criminal justice system and questioning the integrity of agents and prosecutors.

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