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Donald Trump meets with Latino bodega owners in New York

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Donald Trump meets with Latino bodega owners (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Donald Trump meets with bodega owners in Manhattan.
  • They talked about neighborhood crime.
  • The former president highlights the role of small businesses.

On Tuesday, April 16, former President Donald Trump left the Manhattan courtroom where his criminal trial is taking place to meet with business owners.

Trump’s political career has been impacted by his own legal issues.

Recently, Trump made a surprise visit to some bodega owners.

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Latino bodega owners say they are affected by violence and thefts

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Photo: Getty Images via MundoNOW Archive

Trump met with a group of bodega owners, mostly Latinos, who have been affected by crime.

According to the EFE agency, this group has been hit by a wave of thefts and violence that has cost the lives of workers and customers.

On Tuesday, after the second day of jury selection for his criminal trial, Trump headed to Harlem.

He surprised small business owners in the largely Democratic neighborhood.

Trump emphasizes the importance of restoring law and order

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Photo: Shutterstock

His visit to the Blue Moon bodega was significant, as in 2022 a Dominican employee named José Alba stabbed and killed a man during an apparent robbery attempt.

Trump’s presence in this context did not go unnoticed, especially given the background of the crime and the local community’s reaction.

Although Alba was not present to greet Trump, his case has generated controversy, as some believe he acted in self-defense while other do not.

Murder charges against Alba were dismissed after a thorough investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

Trump highlights the role of small businesses

Business, Hispanics, Former President, Presidency, Government
Photo: Shutterstock

According to EFE, the meeting was emotional and politically charged.

Trump, the unofficial Republican candidate for president, was enthusiastically welcomed by a group of bodega owners who exclaimed:»We love Trump.»

This expression of affection caused Trump to turn around and raise his clenched fist in a victory sign as he addressed the press.

The president of the Bodega and Small Business Association, Dominican Francisco Marte, was also there to greet Trump.

Bodega and Small Business Association president thanks Trump

Decision, Crisis, Violence, Robberies, Immigrants
Photo: Shutterstock

In a statement, Marte expressed his gratitude for the visit and took the opportunity to criticize New York state legislators.

This is due to their lack of action to toughen the punishment for repeat offenders, a concern that has deeply troubled the community of bodega owners.

The situation in the bodegas, which are mostly owned by Dominicans, has reached a critical point, according to El Universal.

Some merchants have opted to keep guns in their stores to protect themselves from the growing violence and thefts.

The role of bodegas in Hispanic communities

Court, Criminal Trial, Jury, Charges, Indications
Donald Trump meets with bodega owners / Photo: The Associated Press

This extreme measure reflects the desperation and sense of insecurity prevailing in the community. Trump’s visit to the Blue Moon bodega also served as a political platform.

His campaign highlighted his commitment to safety and order, as they criticizing so-called «soft» policies of Democrats.

Trump emphasized the importance of restoring law and order throughout New York City, appealing to a firmer and more disciplined approach.

Besides his political stance, he recognized the vital role that bodegas play in underserved communities.

A place for neighborhood unity

Hispanic Community, Actions, Elections, Campaign, Republican, Donald Trump
Photo: YouTube Telemundo screenshot

Trump described bodegas as «a lifeline» and «the heart of the community,» according to El Universal.

He also highlighted how these stores commercial enterprises but also places for residents to socialize.

They have contributed to the success of numerous immigrants and their families striving to achieve the American dream, according to EFE.

To see the video where Trump meets with bodega owners click HERE.

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