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Donald Trump leads Biden in several key states according to new poll

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Donald Trump, Biden, key states, new poll
Donald Trump leads Biden in new poll (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Trump leads Biden in new poll.
  • Voters in key states prefer Trump.
  • The election is exactly one year away.

Former President Donald Trump leads current president Joe Biden in a recent poll about next year’s election.

The candidates for the 2024 presidential election are fighting to win over voters around the country.

Now, The New York Times has released the results of polling showing voters prefer the former president over the current one on a variety of issues.

The fight for the White House continues as candidates are already campaigning.

Donald Trump leads Biden in the NY Times/Siena poll

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Photo: AP

The United States is at a crucial moment as the presidential election cycle is in full swing.

One year before the election, former Republican President Donald Trump is positioned as the favorite in several key states.

Donald Trump leads Biden according to a survey conducted by The New York Times and Siena College.

These results have sparked a political debate about the future of the nation and the possible consequences of a Trump presidency.

What’s going on with Joe Biden?

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Photo: AP

Poll results show a surprising lead for Trump in several crucial states.

According to the data, the former president leads Biden in Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

All of these are swing states that played a fundamental role in Biden’s victory in the last election.

Biden, for his part, remains ahead of Trump in Wisconsin, although by a narrow margin, the EFE revealed.

Donald Trump leads Biden: What do the numbers mean?

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Photo: AP

Trump leads Biden by a margin of between three and ten points in the first five states above.

Meanwhile, Biden leads Trump by two points in Wisconsin, according to the NY Times.

However, it is important to remember that the election is a year away and unforeseen events may arise that change the electoral dynamics.

These results reflect voters’ concerns about Biden are related to his advanced age and general dissatisfaction about the country.

What about Trump’s legal challenges?

 Voters, America, American politics, New survey, Trump 2024, MundoNOW
Photo: AP

On the other hand, the poll also revealed that Donald Trump’s legal challenges do not seem to affect his popularity.

Despite being immersed in a civil trial and facing four criminal trials in the future, Trump remains the favorite within his party.

Polling was conducted via phone calls with live operators to a total of 3,662 registered voters between October 22 and November 3.

Although they are a snapshot of a specific moment, they shed light on the mood of voters in America.

Presidential primaries are coming

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Photo: AP

The electoral process in the United States is a long and complex path, so this type of survey is just one piece of the puzzle.

In January and February of next year, the political parties will begin holding their primaries in Iowa and South Carolina, respectively.

These events will mark the start of a series of caucuses and primaries in all 50 states, with Super Tuesday on March 5 being the biggest day.

Finally, the Republican Party will hold its convention in July to make its candidate official, while the Democrats will do the same in August.

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