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Donald Trump faces a defamation trial after being found guilty of sexual assault

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Donald Trump sexual assault, mundonowm donald trump, / Donald Trump agresión sexual, mundonowm donald trump,
Trump faces defamation trial / PHOTO: Shutterstock
  • Donald Trump faces defamation trial.
  • He just celebrated a triumph in Iowa.
  • What could happen if he’s found guilty?

After sweeping the Republican caucuses in Iowa, Donald Trump faces another legal challenge.

He will have to appear in court after being sued for defamation by E. Jean Carroll.

Trump has already been found guilty of sexually assaulting her in the 1990s. Now she’s suing him for defamation after he said she was lying.

The court will determine how much Trump will have to pay Carroll, if anything. This episode adds a tense chapter to the legal history of the former president.

Marring his Iowa win

Donald Trump, sexual assault, triumph, judicial challenge, mundonow
Photo: Getty Images – Archive MundoNOW

The jury selection process will begin in a federal court in Manhattan, according to The Associated Press.

Later that afternoon, the opening statements will take place, marking the start of the trial.

A jury has already found that Trump sexually assaulted and defamed Carroll. Now the amount of damages will be determined.

Trump has continued to deny responsibility.

Trump was found guilty of sexual assault

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Photo: Shutterstock

In May, a jury concluded that Trump had sexually assaulted Carroll in a department store dressing room in 1996.

Furthermore, they found him guilty of defamation in 2022, after he stated that Carroll had fabricated the incident that she revealed in her 2019 memoir.

Despite this verdict, the jury noted that Carroll failed to prove that Trump raped her, as defined by New York State law.

They cited the lack of sufficient evidence to support the rape claim.

A jury already awarded Carroll $5 million in damages

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Photo: Shutterstock

The previous jury ordered Trump to pay $5 million in damages for the assault, without specifying an amount for statements he made about Carroll while he was president.

This will now be decided by a jury.

Their task is to determine the amount of damages Trump must pay for his statements about Carroll while he was in office.

This adds a new chapter to Carroll’s allegations against the former president.

What will the jury hear?

sanction phase, litigation, sexual abuse, verdict, mundonow
Photo: The Associated Press

Last year, Judge Kaplan ruled that the new jury should not reevaluate whether Trump committed sexual assault or defamation, as that was resolved in the first trial.

This decision clearly states that the focus of the new trial is not the facts regarding the sexual assault or defamation.

Instead, it addresses additional issues, such as determining financial compensation.

According to The Associated Press, Judge Kaplan is focusing the new trial on specific pending aspects of Carroll’s case against Trump.

When will Trump appear in court?

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Photo: Getty Images – Archive MundoNOW

Trump is expected to attend the Tuesday session and his plans for the rest of the week are uncertain due to his mother-in-law’s funeral on Thursday.

The trial is expected to last several days, and it is sure to be closely watched.

Uncertainty about Trump’s schedule adds an additional element to the week, with the funeral for his mother-in-law on Thursday.

The focus is on compensation for Carroll and the judge will not allow the jury to decide other accusations during the campaign and other contexts.

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