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They claim that Trump shared secret information about nuclear submarines

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  • They accuse the former president Donald Trump.
  • They give the details of the information.
  • New problem for Trump.

Former US President Donald Trump is accused of sharing secret nuclear submarine information.

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Donald Trump is said to have shared details about the capabilities of US nuclear submarines with an Australian businessman.

This allegedly occurred after his departure from the White House, according to media outlets like The New York Times and the ABC network.

Now, the former president is facing a trial due to the accumulation of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

The conversation between Trump and Anthony Pratt, who manages one of the world’s largest paper and packaging companies, supposedly took place in 2021.

What did Trump reveal?

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During the discussion, the Republican allegedly revealed the number of atomic warheads that American nuclear submarines carry on board, according to Efe.

He also supposedly disclosed the minimum distance at which they can approach Russian submarines without being detected, as reported by The New York Times, citing close sources.

However, Trump did not show Pratt any of the classified documents that were later discovered at his residence following an FBI raid.

It’s believed that the businessman ultimately disclosed the information provided by Trump to dozens of people, including members of the Australian Government.

They downplay its importance

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However, a former ambassador from that country to the United States, Joe Hockey, minimized the importance of the issue.

He assured, in statements to The New York Times, that all this data is well known to Australia.

He highlighted that the country, being an ally of Washington, has soldiers who have been «serving alongside Americans on US submarines» for years.

Pratt was questioned as part of the investigation led by special prosecutor Jack Smith, which culminated in Trump’s indictment in Miami.

When will his trial begin?

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The aforementioned accusation pertains to the handling of sensitive administrative documents, although his name does not appear in the charging document.

The trial is set to begin in May, as reported by Efe.

On the other hand, the Republican informed the Fox News portal that he would agree to serve as Speaker of the House for a short period to «unify» the Republican Party.

«They have asked me if I would accept it (the position) for a short period of time for the party, until they reach a conclusion…,» commented the former president.

What did Trump say?

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«I will do it if necessary, if they are not capable of making a decision,» he stated, according to Efe.

His words come as Republicans, who control the House of Representatives with a narrow majority, try to elect Kevin McCarthy’s successor.

It’s worth noting that on Tuesday, he became the first leader of that body to be expelled after a motion against him.

The motion was introduced by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and supported by seven other fractious, Trump-aligned Republicans.

Trump prepares unexpected trip

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Some point to Trump’s failure to intervene in defense of McCarthy as one of the main reasons the Republican representative ultimately fell.

His name was already floated to preside over the Lower House in January when opposition from Gaetz and other Republican congressmen forced the vote, in which McCarthy was finally elected, to be repeated up to 15 times.

According to NBC network, Trump, who leads all the Republican primary polls for the 2024 presidential election, is planning a visit to the Capitol in Washington DC.

This is set to take place at the beginning of next week, before voting begins, which is scheduled for Wednesday, according to Efe.

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