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Doña Rosa and Rosie Rivera reveal the unimaginable about ‘Chalino’ Sánchez (VIDEO)

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Doña Rosa reveals the unexpected (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Doña Rosa shares the unexpected.
  • What nobody knew about ‘Chalino’.
  • He remembers his friendship with the late singer.

Doña Rosa and Rosie Rivera have grown even closer since the passing of singer Jenni Rivera.

Their bond has been evident through their interactions, which they frequently share on various social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

However, they recently sparked controversy when discussing the unexpected topic of the late Mexican performer ‘Chalino’ Sánchez on one of their programs.

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Doña Rosa hosts her own YouTube channel featuring a segment called «Kitchen Talks» with her daughter Rosie.

In the latest episode, the duo discussed the recent scandal involving singers Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole, focusing on allegations of infidelity.

During their conversation, they also took a moment to reminisce about the late ‘Chalino’ Sánchez and Valentín Elizalde while seated at the kitchen table after preparing their meal.

They shared some insights into the lives of these singers, with Doña Rosa recalling her past friendship with ‘Chalino’.

Remember ‘Chalino’

Mrs. Rosa, Chalino Sánchez, Rosie Rivera, Doña Rosa, mundonow
Doña Rosa reveals the unexpected about Chalino Sánchez PHOTO: Getty Images

In the subsequent segment, they initiated a new discussion by asking Doña Rosa which celebrities she would like to invite to her kitchen.

Rosie expressed her desire for Carín León to visit her mother’s kitchen, while Doña Rosa expressed her preference for Grupo Firme.

During this exchange, several notable personalities were mentioned, including Doña Rosa’s late friend, Chalino Sánchez.

In a surprising revelation, they shared something about the singer that his fans might not have known.

Reveal the unexpected of Chalino

death, Jenni Rivera, social networks, YouTube, mundonow
Doña Rosa reveals the unexpected about Chalino Sánchez PHOTO: Mezcalent

They then transitioned to the question of which deceased celebrity they would invite to their kitchen, and Rosie fondly recalled, «Chalino would come to the kitchen and make his scrambled eggs.»

In response, they asked Doña Rosa to imagine ‘Chalino’ in her kitchen at that moment, enjoying the experience.

She replied, «Yes, he was very comfortable. Chalino exuded confidence. He helped himself.»

The conversation continued as they reminisced about the late singer and the fond memories he shared with the Rivera family during his time with Cintas Acuario, the record label owned by Pedro Rivera, Doña Rosa’s ex-husband.

Friendship with Chalino

Instagram, TikTok, Doña Rosa, Horror Crimes, Featherweight, mundonow
Doña Rosa reveals the unexpected about Chalino Sánchez PHOTO: Mezcalent

Rosa Rivera revealed that ‘Chalino’ Sánchez was a remarkably simple and humble individual, noting his genuine kindness.

She also expressed her perspective that despite his outward demeanor, he harbored a significant amount of internal fear, though she couldn’t fathom the reasons behind it.

Rivera fondly recalled an instance when ‘Chalino’ Sánchez made a peculiar request, asking her not to concern herself with who entered her home, as she often left the door open.

He assured her that he kept a watchful eye on the surroundings and confidently stated, «Well, I’m not afraid of anyone.»

They were fond of him

nicki Nicole, Valentín Elizalde, secrets, mundonow
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Chalino Sánchez emerged as one of the most esteemed musical idols in the film productions of Cintas Acuario, as Mrs. Rosa remarked, «We held him in high regard.»

She reflected on his unique style, acknowledging that despite his distinctiveness, he consistently generated significant revenue. «He had his own style,» she emphasized, «regardless of how he sang.»

Mrs. Rosa also shared insights into Chalino’s inner turmoil, revealing, «He was a person with many fears.» She recounted advising him against traveling to Mexico on the day he departed, cautioning him about potential dangers awaiting him there. However, he reassured her, expressing confidence that he would be fine.

In a poignant gesture, the singer left a poignant ‘autograph’ for Pedro Rivera, perhaps foreseeing the events that would transpire. WATCH VIDEO OF THE REVELATION HERE.

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