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Bad news for the Fernandez! Doña Cuquita, Vicente Fernández’s wife, is hospitalized

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  • Bad news shakes the Fernández family.
  • 38 days after Don Vicente Fernández started fighting for his life, now the health of Doña Cuquita, his wife, is in danger.
  • Alejandro Fernández’s mother also had to be admitted to a hospital.

Vicente Fernández was admitted to a hospital 38 days ago and the Charro family tries to continue with their activities without neglecting the legendary singer, but now bad news is once again seizing the dynasty, because Doña Cuquita, Alejandro Fernández’s mother also had to be hospitalized for an emergency.





Media outlets such as Ventaneando and Tribuna released the news that Doña Cuquita, mother of Alejandro Fernández and wife of Don Vicente, has been in a hospital since last Saturday in Zapopan, Jalisco due to health complications.

Doña Cuquita is hospitalized

Doña Cuquita hospitalized

According to media reports, Vicente Fernández’s wife is in the Real San José hospital, however, apparently it is not something of force majeure, because according to what was expressed by the journalist Pati Chapoy, Doña Cuquita had a surgery scheduled for a hernia in the belly.

What worries the Fernández dynasty is that Alejandro Fernández’s mother is already an older woman and that any operation is risky, coupled with the worries and stress that she may be carrying after Vicente Fernández struggles between life and to death for a month.

Doña Cuquita, Alejandro Fernández’s mother has been hospitalized for days

Vicente Fernández hospitalized and now Mrs. Cuquita

Doña Cuquita would have been hospitalized since last Saturday but it was until yesterday Monday that they decided to operate on her and apparently she is already well and in recovery so much so that she could be discharged from the hospital in a few hours to take her home.

Unfortunately, Vicente Fernández’s health does not report any improvement, although he is stable, but he has already been in bed for 38 days due to the alleged fall he would have suffered at his ranch, although it was reported that when examining him, other ailments were detected, according to media outlets. communication.

Doña Cuquita would have been visiting Don Vicente Fernández every day

Mrs. Cuquita Vicente Fernández

Refugio Abarca, real name of Doña Cuquita, mother of Alejandro Fernández, had remained quite strong and visiting Don Vicente every day for more than a month who has been admitted to the hospital but presumably the hernia that he had in his belly began to give inconvenience.

To the above, there was no choice but to operate on her and fortunately everything went very well for Vicente Fernández’s wife and she will leave the hospital in a few hours while the dynasty is divided to take care of the heads of the family that tries to join their activities and commitments. Well, this weekend Alejandro Fernández and his son began their US tour.

Rumors of the death of Vicente Fernández are running

Doña Cuquita mother Alejandro Fernández

Unfortunately for the Fernández family, despite the concern for the health of Vicente Fernández and his wife, Doña Cuquita, they have had to face the rumors of the death of the Charro that were unleashed this weekend when it was even assured that the family had decided to ‘unplug’ it.

However, everything was denied by Vicente Fernández Jr who has become the spokesman for the family in the face of the difficult situation they live as a dynasty, so it is known that the Charro maintains his stable health but without an improvement that allows him to evolve. enough to be discharged.

Is Don Vicente Fernández’s health deteriorated?

Mother Alejandro Fernández Doña Cuquita

A month after Vicente Fernández is hospitalized first for a fall that almost causes his death and then after the discovery of the syndrome he suffers and without notable improvements in his health, Alejandro Fernández embarks on a tour with his son Álex, but isn’t everything a joy to return to the stage? Well, the Foal started crying.

«Made in Mexico» is the name of the tour for which different cities in the United States will visit, Alejandro Fernández as well as his son Álex who is starting in music, and this weekend they gave a concert full of emotion while Don Vicente Fernández it is torn between life and death.

Alejandro Fernández could not hold out and began to cry

Alejandro Fernández cries disconsolate
Instagram: Wake up America

“Alejandro Fernández breaks into tears on stage when he sees his son sing. Thus began his tour in Sacramento, California ”, you can read in the description of the Instagram video posted by the account of ‘Despierta América’ while the images moved everyone.

Surely they have been stressful and difficult weeks for the members of the Fernández family, since Don Vicente Fernández has not been able to leave the hospital for a month and far from noticing an improvement that manages to reassure his dynasty, perhaps its members are resigning to the worst …

Does Alejandro Fernández foresee the death of Don Vicente?

Are you crying for your dad?

The images of El Potrillo breaking down in tears happened this weekend at the start of the tour ‘Made in Mexico’ and while Álex Fernández sang «Give me a tender kiss on my forehead and with my hands I can buy you to be forever the Daddy’s boy… ”, his father was looking at him.

Before the emotional lyrics of the song interpreted by Álex Fernández, his father, Alejandro Fernández, probably thought of Don Vicente, who is hospitalized and with a reserved health prognosis, so he could not hold it and began to cry to the surprise of the attendees .

The emotional embrace of father and son in full concert Does Alejandro sense the death of his father, Vicente Fernández?

Alejandro Fernández cries in front of his son

When he finished singing, the people began to cheer for the performance of Álex Fernández who undoubtedly also saw Alejandro Fernández cry in front of him, approached him to hug him and kiss him before the tears of the people attending the concert of the dynasty, waiting for the recovery of the patriarch, Don Vicente.

People’s comments appeared: «His reply, anyone is proud», «I assume that he imagined when he sang to his father, the one who is now in the hospital relived those moments when he saw his son do the same pride and pain» , «Same, Son and father … I wish you luck and that you can overcome everything that the family is going through at this time.» Filed Under: Doña Cuquita, mother of Alejandro Fernández

They give messages of support to Alejandro Fernández for the health of Don Vicente Fernández

Alejandro Fernández cries

Faced with the crying of Alejandro Fernández, who is surely on the verge of concern between his occupations and the health of Don Vicente Fernández, the messages of encouragement continued: “Sing the same thing! Definitely bring talent in their blood «,» The stories are repeated … what pride as parents! «,» Was he drunk? «.

«It must be exciting to see your baby singing, it does not happen to everyone when we see that they have grown up», «Great love», «Tremendous heritage so beautiful», «Beautiful moment», «They sing the same», «He definitely has a talent that nice to see a man show his emotions as he should be! » that we will be remembered ”, expressed the people. Filed Under: Doña Cuquita, mother of Alejandro Fernández

Rumors spread about the supposed death of Don Vicente Fernández

The Foal cries

The version that relatives of Don Vicente Fernández handled before his hospitalization for a month in a private institution in Guadalajara, was that he had to be operated on after falling on his ranch one weekend, because the blow had damaged the cervicals near the skull, hurting his spinal cord, causing him to lose mobility in his body.

But a source close to the Fernándezes assured the magazine Tv Notes that this information was false, as it ensures that the singer had never fallen, and his relatives preferred to hide that information. Supposedly the truth is that he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré disease. Filed Under: Doña Cuquita, mother of Alejandro Fernández HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF ALEJANDRO FERNÁNDEZ CRYING DESCONSOLATED


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