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The new Rivera singer? Don Pedro Rivera’s girlfriend is criticized for her voice

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Don Pedro's girlfriend, Singer, Media, MundoNow, News
Don Pedro's girlfriend (PHOTO Shutterstock/Mezcalent)
  • Video of Don Pedro’s girlfriend sparks criticism.
  • Comparisons with Jenni Rivera.
  • Controversy on social media.

The Rivera family is once again the center of attention, this time due to a new video starring Don Pedro Rivera’s partner, Nataly.

The girlfriend of the Rivera patriarch has generated controversy among the family’s followers through social media.

Nataly has been talked about on previous occasions due to her supposed resemblance to one of Don Pedro’s former daughters-in-law, as well as their notable age difference, but now everything falls on her singing.

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On this occasion, criticism focuses on Nataly’s singing, who has caught the attention of social media users after the circulation of a video in which she is seen singing with joy.

However, opinions have not been favorable, as many have pointed out that his intonation leaves much to be desired.

Despite the happiness he conveys in the video, Internet users have been quick to express their discontent with the quality of his voice.

Some have even compared her vocal performance to that of Jenni Rivera, which has sparked even more controversy surrounding the Don Pedro pairing.

Controversy over Don Pedro’s girlfriend

Pedro Rivera's girlfriend singing, Don Pedro Rivera, Rivera Family, TikTok, Nataly Rodríguez,
Pedro Rivera’s girlfriend singing PHOTO Mezcalent

The age difference between Nataly and Don Pedro, as well as their physical resemblance to Mayeli Alonso, have been recurring topics of conversation among the family’s followers.

Now, Nataly’s singing is added to the list of reasons for criticism of the Rivera patriarch’s partner.

Social media has been flooded with negative comments towards Nataly, questioning her singing ability and comparing her unfavorably to Jenni Rivera.

Some users have even gone so far as to suggest that the late singer would be disappointed to hear the vocal performance of her father’s partner.

User reactions

Pedro Rivera's girlfriend, Don Pedro Rivera, Rivera Family, TikTok, Nataly Rodríguez,
Pedro Rivera’s girlfriend singing PHOTO Mezcalent

The comments on the video published through TikTok stand out for various criticisms from users who have taken the opportunity to make fun of Nataly.

«Jenni will surely die again if she hears this», «A duet with José Torres would be perfect», «I thought you were Mayeli,» they wrote in comments.

«Let her sing with Doña Rosa», «That Nataly is unique hahaha, she has me entertained with her witticisms», «Don Pedro with all due respect, is it the best you could find?», they commented.

«Is this serious? Jesus Christ» ,   «It’s sarcasm, right?»  Other people added to the publication.

Rivera family controversies

Reviews, Singer, Social networks, United States, MundoNOW
Pedro Rivera’s girlfriend singing PHOTO Mezcalent

This new video on social media of Don Pedro’s girlfriend is nothing more than an addition to the long list of controversies that have marked the history of the Rivera family.

From family problems that have crossed the boundaries of the private to legal problems that have made headlines in the media.

The Riveras seem destined to live under the constant scrutiny of the public and the media, for the moment, neither Don Pedro nor Nataly have issued comments regarding the criticism of the video.

However, it is evident that this new controversy will only fuel the interest of the public for the details of the life of the Rivera family. To see the video of Nataly singing, click HERE.

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