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Don Pedro Rivera shows off his girlfriend and he was criticized

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Don Pedro Rivera's girlfriend, Trip, Woman, MundoNow, News
Don Pedro Rivera's girlfriend (PHOTO: Tiktok:rodrigueznataly36)
  • Don Pedro Rivera shows off his girlfriend.
  • He was seen with her.
  • The patriarch receives strong criticism.

Don Pedro Rivera, the patriarch of Los Rivera, has caused a stir on social media.

This happens after the famous man publicly shared his relationship with his new girlfriend, Nataly Rodríguez.

At 79 years old, the father of renowned artists such as Lupillo, Juan, Jenni and Rosie Rivera, has been the subject of attention after confirming that he has a new relationship.

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The patriarch of the family caused a scandal after his partner posted a video on TikTok showing their love from a casino in Las Vegas.

The couple, whose way of meeting and falling in love is still a mystery to many, has been the center of attention on social media.

Where, followers of the famous Rivera family have expressed their surprise and criticism at this new relationship with a notable age difference.

Don Pedro Rivera’s girlfriend has generated all kinds of comments among Internet users, who have not hesitated to express their opinion on the situation.

Don Pedro Rivera’s girlfriend

social networks, relationship, reviews, TikTok, Las Vegas
PHOTO: Mezcalent

It was through Don Pedro’s girlfriend’s ‘Tiktok’ that a video was revealed where they look quite in love from a casino in Las Vegas.

Pedro Rivera’s girlfriend did not waste the moment to pose with him and show the world her love

Some have highlighted the apparent happiness of the Rivera family patriarch, while others have launched harsh criticism.

Many, suggesting that his ex-wife, Doña Rosa, still has influence in his life, and that his ex-wife continues to treat him as if they were still together.

Internet users launch strong criticism

 love, controversy, family, Lupillo, Jenni,
PHOTO: Mezcalent

On ‘Tiktok’ through Nataly’s account, comments like the following can be read: «He is very happy in Vegas and Doña Rosa is preparing a menudaso for him when he returns.»

«There, Miss, your grandpa is very entertaining,» «Don Pedro is handsome, I like you because you care about people’s opinions,» said some others.

While many suggested: «They’re going to say it’s for love,» «It’s their ATM,» «I believed in love again,» they expressed.

The images shared by Nataly Rodríguez on social media have fueled the debate about the love life of the patriarch of Los Rivera.

The unexpected romance generates controversy

Juan, Rosie, internet, romance, old age, opinion
Don Pedro Rivera shows off his girlfriend PHOTO: Mezcalent

«How cute, she’s taking care of her grandpa,» another user commented mockingly, suggesting that Don Pedro’s girlfriend might be more interested in his financial well-being.

These ironic and mocking comments have flooded social media, reflecting the diversity of opinions around this topic.

Despite the criticism and speculations Don Pedro Rivera and his new girlfriend seem to be enjoying their relationship and have not hesitated to show their love publicly.

The images shared from Las Vegas have generated all kinds of reactions, from unconditional support to the deepest skepticism.

Will bad comments affect his relationship?

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Don Pedro Rivera shows off his girlfriend PHOTO: Tiktok/ rodrigueznataly36

In the midst of the controversy, some Internet users have voiced their hope that Don Pedro has found true love at this stage of his life.

While others continue to question the motives behind their relationship.

The truth is that the patriarch of Los Rivera continues to be a topic of conversation on social media.

And it is through the internet where every detail of your love life is analyzed and commented on by thousands of users. (TO GO TO THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

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