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Don Pedro Rivera talks about his grandchildren’s lawsuit against his companies

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Don Pedro Rivera talks about his grandchildren's lawsuit (Photo: Mezcalent/Getty Images)
  • Don Pedro Rivera responds to the lawsuit.
  • Cintas Acuario and Ayana Musical are being sued.
  • Jenni Rivera’s estate accuses them of exploitation.

The Rivera family is once again embroiled in controversy following a lawsuit filed by Jenni Rivera’s daughter, who is in charge of the late singer’s estate.

Jacqueline Ocampo Marín, better known as Jacqie Rivera, the current director of Jenni Rivera Enterprise, has filed a lawsuit against Cintas Acuario, an independent record label located on the west coast.

This label is owned by the Diva de la Banda’s father, Don Pedro Rivera.

The lawsuit, which was filed on Wednesday, September 20, also names Ayana Musical, another music company.

Jenni Rivera’s estate files a lawsuit

Jenni Rivera, Demand, Cintas Acuario, Ayana Musical, Pedro Rivera
PHOTO Mezcalent

The lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of the Jenni Rivera Estate, suggests that the issues in question began following the singer’s untimely death in 2012.

It alleges that Don Pedro Rivera, in collaboration with the music companies, has «exploited» Jenni’s recordings and musical compositions.

Furthermore, they are accused of capitalizing on Jenni’s name, image and likeness, generating profits amounting to tens of millions of dollars.

In a statement, the Jenni Rivera Estate expressed gratitude for the ongoing support and understanding from fans during this challenging time and chose to withhold further comments.

Details about the lawsuit

Jacqie Rivera, Rivera Family, Music rights, Exploitation, Plaintiffs
PHOTO Mezcalent

These terms relate to the agreements that Jenni entered into during the early stages of her career. These agreements would relinquish her claims of ownership and control over the rights to her music.

However, according to the lawsuit, these requests were continually denied by the companies.

This prompted the Jenni Rivera Estate to initiate a civil suit.

They are demanding accountability for the purported illegal actions and are also seeking the return of the funds that were kept from the plaintiffs.

Don Pedro Rivera responds

Accusations, Legal issues, Music property, Civil case, Lawyers
PHOTO Mezcalent

In light of the lawsuit filed by Jacqie Rivera, her grandfather, Don Pedro Rivera, has chosen to break his silence and address the situation.

In a video now making rounds on social media, the Diva de la Banda’s father is seated alongside his children, Juan and Rosie.

Facing the camera, Don Pedro Rivera began by saying he intended to deliver a statement to the media regarding the lawsuit initiated by his grandchildren.

He admitted that he first learned of the lawsuit in the media.

Don Pedro Rivera speaks out

Contractual agreement, Record company, Rosie Rivera, Juan Rivera, Communiqué, Jenni Rivera Estate
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«My grandchildren are taking legal action against Cintas Acuario and Ayana Musical. We haven’t been officially notified yet,» Rivera stated.

«I adore my family. I’ve raised them to accomplish great things in life, and I’ve always stood by them, offering affection and love that I hold for each of them,» he continued.

«I don’t understand why matters are handled this way when we can address issues within the family,» he continued in the video.

«I am deeply hurt and saddened by this turn of events. I am not, nor will I ever be, against my family because of the immense love I have for them,» he concluded.

What did his attorneys advise?

don pedro rivera, lawsuit, grandchildren, jenni rivera's estate
PHOTO Mezcalent

«On the advice of my attorneys, I’m refraining from giving interviews since they’ll handle all the legal aspects,» he proclaimed.

«I have never passed judgment on my grandchildren, or anyone for that matter, because of the respect I’ve always maintained for my children and my family,» he continued.

«For any matters pertaining to this lawsuit, please reach out to Rosie or Juan Rivera. I am not in a position to give interviews,» he added.

«I pray to God that everything gets resolved. I’ve always approached Jenni Rivera’s entire career with the utmost respect,» he concluded.

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