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Don Pedro Rivera appears with an alleged ‘girlfriend’

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Pedro Rivera's girlfriend (PHOTO: Mezcalent)
  • Don Pedro Rivera appears with a ‘girlfriend’.
  • Video reveals alleged controversial relationship.
  • Criticisms and nicknames on social media.

The Rivera family, known for its legacy in regional Mexican music and for the ups and downs of its family relationships, finds itself once again in the center of controversy.

A new video shared by a young woman named Nataly Rodríguez on TikTok has unleashed a scandal that has left many followers speechless.

Furthermore, these images that have been revealed have generated endless comments on social media.

This material shows Don Pedro Rivera, patriarch of the Riveras and father of the deceased ‘Diva de la Banda’ Jenni Rivera.

New scandal in the Rivera Family

Jenni Rivera, Nelssie Carrillo, Viral video
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Don Pedro appeared accompanied by a woman considerably younger than him.

The images show moments of closeness between the two, sparking speculation about a possible romantic relationship.

Suspicions are heightened when, in one moment of the video, the black-haired woman and Don Pedro appear to kiss.

Thus consolidating speculation about a new chapter in the music producer’s love life.

Does Don Pedro Rivera have a new girlfriend?

Controversial relationship, Controversy, MundoNow
Don Pedro Rivera appears as a ‘girlfriend’ PHOTO: Mezcalent

The family context adds an additional nuance to the scandal, since Doña Rosa, mother of Jenni Rivera and ex-wife of Don Pedro, opened up a few months ago on her YouTube channel.

In this space, she confessed that marrying Don Pedro at the young age of 15 was the worst mistake of her life, as reported by the magazine TV Notas.

The separation of Doña Rosa and Don Pedro Rivera had already been the subject of media attention, but this new episode has taken the controversy to a new level.

Social media has become the epicenter of public reaction to this scandal.

The patriarch of the family receives strong criticism

MundoNow, father, son, famous, people
Photo: Mezcalent

Comments of all kinds flood digital platforms, from questions about Don Pedro’s marital past to the creation of nicknames.

They called the famous “dirty old man.” In addition, users expressed their surprise and disapproval, commenting phrases such as:

«Wasn’t he married to a secretary?», «Don Pedro doesn’t waste time» and «That man still needed to feel young,» «Oh, old man,» «You’re going to give an account to God.»

The video shared by this young woman named Nataly has fanned the flame of controversy around the private life of the Rivera family.

New scandal is added

Social networks, Reviews, Diva of the Band, New girlfriend
PHOTO: Mezcalent

The Riveras are a family that has been exposed to the spotlight both for their successes in music and for their personal conflicts.

The news has reignited public interest in the most intimate details of the Riveras’ lives, and uncertainty about how those involved will react is even greater.

Attention now focuses on the possible statements and clarifications that could emerge from the protagonists of this new chapter.

Meanwhile, the scandal continues to be a topic of conversation on entertainment shows and on social media, keeping the audience in suspense.

Waiting for confirmation

 Kiss, Controversies, Intimate, Training, shows
Don Pedro Rivera appears as a ‘girlfriend’ PHOTO: Mezcalent

It is well known that the relationship between Doña Rosa Rivera and Don Pedro did not end in the best way, which, according to their statements, ended a few years ago.

Supposedly, the music producer would have been unfaithful to the matriarch of the family with another woman, thus causing the end of their long-term relationship.

This relationship bore fruit for Jenni, Lupillo, Rosie, Juan, Pedro Rivera Jr., and Gustavo Rivera, who have also been in the center of controversy many times.

For now, Pedro Rivera has not confirmed that this information is true. (SEE THE VIDEO HERE).

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