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Don Pedro Rivera makes a confession about Mayeli Alonso (VIDEO)

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Don Pedro Rivera confession, In-law, Rumor, MundoNow, News
(FOTO: Mezcalent/Getty Images), Don Pedro Rivera confession
  • Don Pedro Rivera makes a confession.
  • Juan and Rosie expose it.
  • He makes a revelation about Mayeli Alonso

The Rivera family is always involved in scandals and giving something to talk about.

For many, it is classified as one of the most controversial families in the world of show business in Mexico.

Both Rosie and Juan Rivera are always willing to be in the eye of the hurricane so that they do not lose their sight.

And it was in their most recent podcast that the brothers decided to ‘unmask’ their own father.

Don Pedro Rivera makes unexpected confession

Podcast, YouTube, controversies, important family
PHOTO: Mezcalent

In the podcast of Jenni Rivera’s brothers, it is common for the family to talk about topics that fans of the scandal love to hear.

Recently Don Pedro Rivera, patriarch of the family, made a confession that left everyone completely stunned.

They asked him who his favorite daughter-in-law is, so the father of the late singer Jenni Rivera could not hide the truth.

«I can’t lie, but you know that I love all of you,» Juan and Rosie’s father began by saying.

The patriarch surprised everyone with what he said

Confirmation, children, content, MundoNow
PHOTO: Mezcalent

However, his children exposed it by showing a photo that Don Pedro keeps in his office and Rosie showed it:

«There is no photo of Brenda, there is no photo of Paty, nor of María, only a photo of Mayeli so, she is her favorite,» says Jenni Rivera’s sister.

Clearly, everyone began to suspect that Don Pedro does have a favorite, and that it could be the ex-wife of his son Lupillo Rivera.

«Well, we’re going to send our regards to Mayeli,» the producer and father of the Riveras simply said.

Don Pedro Rivera is criticized for his statements

press conference, photographs, fashion, pink dress, imposing
Don Pedro Rivera makes confession PHOTO: Getty Images

Although the father of the family never said it in his own words, he did not deny that this could be true, despite the conflicts that Mayeli has had with her family.

In the comments of the video shared on ‘Escandalo»s Instagram, many users gave their opinion on this controversial confession:

«Rosie doesn’t care, there’s a reason she brought it up with everything and the photo… I feel like this was sarcasm,» «Don’t say things she didn’t say. «Don’t be a knife-wielder,» some said.

On the other hand, they also expressed: «The favorite is Pastor Pedro’s wife,» «Even if it hurts them,» some users said.

Mayeli Alonso and her conflicts with Los Rivera

Conflicts, Los Riveras, Telemundo, Ex-wife, hat
PHOTO: Mezcalent

And let’s remember that Mayeli Alonso has had quite a few fights with the Riveras after her relationship with Lupillo ended.

However, things have been calmer lately and it is claimed that there are no longer any problems between them.

It was just a few months ago that Mayeli brought to light in an interview that Juan Rivera accused the influencer’s father of having allegedly stolen a family jewel.

This confession made the famous angry who clearly did not sit idly by, but the producer immediately apologized.

Mayeli does not sit idly by

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Don Pedro Rivera makes confession PHOTO: Getty Images

The stormy relationship between Lupillo and Mayeli lasted several years, until they finally decided to separate.

Mayeli is also known for being a woman who gives a lot to talk about and does not sit idly by when it comes to defending herself.

However, and in the face of this unexpected confession, for many it became evident that both parties are making ‘passes’.

It is no surprise that internet personalities and important businessmen give something to talk about in this way. (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

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