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Don Omar breaks his silence after an arrest warrant is issued against him

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  • The Reggaeton singer broke his silence on social media.
  • It all started when his brother was arrested in Bolivia.
  • Don Omar canceled two concerts due to a misunderstanding about a private plane.

After the controversy hanging over Don Omar these days, the reggaeton singer finally breaks his silence and takes to social media to address the arrest warrant that was issued against him.

The whole scandal began when Don Omar canceled one of his concerts in La Paz, Bolivia. Then the authorities of that country decided to arrest his brother, who is also the artist’s representative, and a large part of the event’s production staff for alleged fraud.

Don Omar finally breaks his silence on social media

Don Omar finally breaks the silence in networks
PHOTO: Instagram

On his official Instagram account, the Puerto Rican singer shared a screenshot of a tweet he posted, where he congratulates Bolivian authorities for doing their job well, also implying that he never went to prison .

“Grateful to the Bolivian authorities and their excellent performance in the search for the truth. We have always been and continue to enjoy freedom,” writes Don Oma. In the tweet, he also tagged the duo Zion and Lennox, which also had a concert in that country.

Why was an arrest warrant issued for Don Omar?

Why did they issue an arrest warrant against the artist?
PHOTO: Instagram

It all started when Don Omar canceled a performance in La Paz, Bolivia. His brother, and rep, gave a press conference saying that the artist could not travel to the country due to a misunderstanding with a private plane.

After the press conference, he was immediately arrested along with several members of the event’s production. Hours later, an arrest warrant issued for Don Omar by the Special Prosecutor for Property Crimes for allegedly defrauding the attendees, went viral.

Zion and Lennox were also briefly detained

Zion and Lennox were held back for a few moments.
PHOTO: Twitter

Reggaeton duet, Zion and Lennox were also involved in the same controversy as the Puerto Rican artist, according to El Universal. The duet was held for a few hours in Bolivia for alleged fraud.

In a video that went viral on social media, Zion and Lennox are seen being transferred in a patrol car from the airport to the Police Department due to suspicions that they were going to leave Bolivia for Las Vegas when they had a scheduled date in Santa Cruz.

Don Omar has already performed the postponed concerts

Don Omar has already performed the postponed concerts
PHOTO: Twitter

After the Don Omar’s controversy, many internet users spoke on social media after the cancellation of his concert in La Paz and Santa Cruz, however, the artist released a statement where he said the dates on which the postponed concerts would take place.

Don Omar is a man of his word and there are videos of his concert on social media. In the videos, the singer is happy and thanks everyone for coming to his shows.

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