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Dollar Tree will stop selling eggs as prices soar

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  • The popular store made a surprising announcement.
  • Dollar Tree will stop selling eggs its stores.
  • Egg prices have soared in recent months.

Dollar Tree store will stop selling eggs in its stores. The store that is known for its affordable prices can’t find eggs at their preferred price point.

The retail chain, known for its inexpensive products will no longer have eggs for sale in its stores. A spokesman explained the reason for the pause.

Dollar Tree stops selling eggs as prices soar

Dollar Tree will stop selling eggs in its establishments
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A company spokesperson revealed what led Dollar Tree to stop selling eggs. According to The Washington Examiner, this will not be a permanent change. This staple food has become quite expensive in recent months due to supply chain issues and avian flu outbreaks.

Despite the fact that the cost of a dozen grade A eggs fell to $4.21 last month from the maximum reached in January of $4.82, the store made the decision to stop selling them for the time being.

Will Dollar Tree sell eggs again in the future?

They hope that once the price of the egg becomes affordable again, it could return to the store.
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The spokesman for the store told the Washington Examiner why they’ve stopped selling eggs. “Our main price point at Dollar Tree is $1.25. The cost of eggs is currently very high,” explained Randy Guiler.

According to Guiler, they hope to sell eggs again as soon as prices go down. This could take until later next fall and Guiler said eggs will return to Dollar Tree when «costs are more in line with historical levels.»

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