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They find illegal tunnels with altars to Santa Muerte where they stole hydrocarbons

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Discovery of illegal tunnels (PHOTO: AP)
  • Discovery of illegal tunnels
  • Satanic altars were found
  • Joint operation secures stolen fuel.

Illegal tunnels: From September 2022 until February of this year, authorities in Hidalgo, Mexico have been on alert.

All this due to reports about the existence of tunnels built by huachicoleros to illegally extract hydrocarbons from Pemex pipelines.

These tunnels, cleverly dug and equipped with the necessary technology, have become a growing concern.

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In 2023, eight simultaneous searches were carried out in the municipality of Cuautepec de Hinojosa.

It was during these searches that the first of the clandestine tunnels was discovered.

However, what they found inside was not only infrastructure for fuel theft.

Within the excavations they also found chilling practices of various beliefs.

Satanic altars in illegal tunnels

illegal tunnels, santa muerte, altars, huachicoleros

Inside the tunnel, authorities were faced with a scene that defied any previous expectations: altars dedicated to Satan and Santa Muerte.

These figures represented the darkest and most sinister side of criminal activity in the region, revealing the depth of the huachicoleros’ devotion.

The discovery joined a series of similar discoveries made in different locations in Hidalgo, including Pachuca, Tizayuca and Tula.

In each of these cases, authorities encountered similar altars, all associated with fuel theft activity.

Joint operation of authorities

gasoline theft, mexico, authorities, amlo, hidalgo

The Secretary of Security of Hidalgo, Salvador Cruz Neri, highlighted that this is not the first tunnel discovered in the region.

Cuautepec, in particular, has become a critical point in the fight against huachicoleo.

The size of the tunnel, 4 meters deep and 25 meters long, revealed the complexity of the operation and the sophistication of the methods used.

The joint operation was a coordinated effort between the Ministry of National Defense, the National Guard and state and municipal police forces.

Illegal tunnels: Concern about crime

huachicol, cuautepec, national guard, police, thieves
PHOTO: Storyblocks

Besides the fuel confiscated, ten individuals who were inside the tunnel at the time of the operation were arrested.

The discovery of the satanic altars inside the illegal tunnels has generated additional concern among the population and local authorities.

This evidences a deeper and darker dimension of criminal activities associated with fuel theft in the region.

The dismantling of this network of huachicoleros in Hidalgo highlights the severity of the challenge faced by authorities in the region.

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