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Direct payments of $350 to $1000 scheduled to go out in March

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  • Direct payments are scheduled to go out in March.
  • Only five states will be sending out money to their residents.
  • Find out who is eligible.

Americans will recieve direct payments of up to $1000 in March. Relief checks and direct payments are being distributed to residents in five US states to help combat inflation.

With inflation at its highest level in 40 years, Americans are having a hard time paying for various expenses. Even large companies like Walmart have taken extreme measures to ensure their customers continue spending money in their stores.

Tax rebates will be sent out soon

Refunds will start soon
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According to The Sun, New Lenox, Illinois has been offering residents a rebate through its Property Tax Refund Program. These payments will be ready as of March 6 and the lucky recipients will be able to use them to purchase whatever they want.

The program has been around for 13 years, but this year it will refund 100 percent of the 2021 property taxes that were paid. This money will come as a true gift as the country struggles with inflation.

Who is eligible for the direct payments?

Five dollar checks advertised: How to be eligible for payments?
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Homeowners residing in a single-family home, townhome, apartment unit, or condominium unit are eligible for a rebate. This year approximately $2.1 million will be allocated for the rebate program.

Kimberly Auchstetter, New Lenox’s chief financial officer and treasurer, told The Sun that the payments are on average worth $350 in 2022. The rebate doesn’t end there, as the first round of $450 checks were sent out in Maine starting in January. Idaho, Connecticut and South Carolina are also sending direct payments in March.

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