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Plan cósmico: Dimensional Portals

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  • Plan cósmico provides a summary of episode five of this extraterrestrial contact story.
  • A dimensional portal offers the possibility of visiting another world.
  • Remember that the complete story with details is available in its program.

Today’s episode of the Cosmic Plan continues to discuss the experience of extraterrestrial contact and focuses on the first physical contact with an extraterrestrial civilization called the Cendra.

This contact was not as expected, as it did not limit itself to sightings or psychic communications, but involved the opening of a dimensional portal.

This allowed a group of people, led by Sixto Paz, to travel to another place in space-time.

The narrative begins with the group’s preparation for physical contact, which includes meditation and concentration practices.

Dimensional portal

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Subsequently, the group is instructed to form groups of seven people and head to the desert.

During one of these expeditions, Sixto finds himself alone before a luminous dome where he has his first physical encounter with an extraterrestrial being.

Through telepathic communication, the being explains to him that they have traversed a dimensional portal and takes him to visit their civilization on Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons.

In the extraterrestrial city, Sixto observes an advanced society with advanced technology and a culture based on harmony, spirituality, and respect for nature.

Beings from another world

Planet, Water, Sea, MundoNow, Dimensional Portal

The extraterrestrials are vegetarians and practice a form of tantra to channel sexual energy instead of consuming it for procreation.

Moreover, they live long lives thanks to cellular regeneration and harmony with their environment.

During his visit, Sixto also witnesses a holographic screen showing catastrophic events on Earth, caused by cyclical cosmic changes and human interference in the environment.

However, he is taught that these prophecies can be altered through the power of collective intention and human self-awareness.


Space, Galaxy, Dimensional Portals, MundoNow, Podcast

Sixto returns to the desert, where he is welcomed by his group, but they are surprised by one detail.

Although his physical appearance has changed, his companions recognize him and prepare for their own experience with the extraterrestrials.

The narrative also includes an additional testimony from a Chilean military officer who experiences a similar encounter with the Cendra beings.

In summary, Plan cósmico episode addresses themes such as physical contact with extraterrestrials, the opening of dimensional portals, extraterrestrial culture and technology, spirituality, respect for nature, cellular regeneration, catastrophic prophecies, and the power of human intention to change the future.

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