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Did Shakira manage to break them up? It’s rumored that Clara Chía isn’t living with Piqué

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  • Have Clara Chía and Piqué broken up?
  • Rumors are swirling in the midst of controversy.
  • It appears Shakira’s new song may have achieved her goal.

Did Clara Chía and Piqué break up? In recent days, people can’t stop talking about the Colombian singer’s ex-husband and his new girlfriend after Shakira called them out in her new song. Did Shakira actually manage to break them up? It’s rumored that Clara Chía is no longer living with Piqué.

According to El Español Clara Chía made a drastic decision after BZRP Music Sessions #53 , her new song with Argentine DJ Bizarrap. The explosive lyrics have taken over social media and everyone wants to know how Clara Chía and Piqué are reacting.

Is Clara Chía still living with Piqué since Shakira’s new song came out?

Did Shakira manage to separate them? They assure that Clara Chía stopped living with Piqué after the song
PHOTO: Youtube video capture Bzarrap Session #53

He has the name of a good person, clearly it’s not what it sounds like. I’m too big for you and that’s why you’re with someone just like you. I wish you well with my supposed replacement. I’m worth two of 22. with lines like these Shakira sent her forceful message to Piqué and his girlfriend in her new song.

Her very direct message to former soccer player, Gerard Piqué , as well as for his new love, Clara Chía, has generated millions of reactions — a situation that may have put the new romance in check.

“Clara Chía has spent a few days at her family home”

"Chía has spent a few days at her family home"
PHOTO: MN Archive

As a result, the 23-year-old, public relations student and employee at Kosmos, the production company run by Piqué, has decided to spend a few days out of the spotlight and in «a safe place.»

El Español spoke with an anonymous source who says the college student has gone to live at her parents’ house to get away from the press. «Since the scandal broke out due to the musical reckoning, Chía has spent a few days at her family home, together with her parents.»

Break up rumors

It would have raised suspicions of a possible break
PHOTO: Capture website TV Notes

«The young woman wanted to get away for a few days from the apartment she shares with her partner (Gerard Piqué) where they have lived together for a long time,» said El Español.

Furthermore, the anonymous source told El Español that Clara Chía Martí «has not wanted to go out in public» and that on the few occasions in which she has done so, she has been very careful not to be captured by the press or by people outside her circle.

Clara Chía and Piqué lived together in the ex-soccer player’s bachelor apartment

Pique and his "lover" They went to live together in the ex-soccer player's bachelor apartment
PHOTO: Capture website TV Notes
After the scandal, the source also told El Español how Clara Chía and her family have taken the scandal: “She is calm, although she does not hide that she is also somewhat overwhelmed… She understands that it is the toll she has to pay for having fallen in love with Gerard.”
TV Notas points out that Clara Chía and Piqué went to live together in what had been the ex-soccer player’s bachelor’s apartment, after his breakup with Shakira, who is also the mother of his children Sasha and Milan.

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