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Did Pati Chapoy have a relationship with Sergio Andrade?

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Sergio Andrade Pati Chapoy, Gloria Trevi, Pati Chapoy, Sergio Andrade, MundoNOW
Did Sergio Andrade and Pati Chapoy have a relationship? / Photo Mezcalent
  • Sergio Andrade and Pati Chapoy relationship rumors.
  • Shocking revelations about secret relationships.
  • A dark past is revealed.

In a surprising interview, Sergio Andrade has publicly claimed to have had a relationship with renowned television presenter Pati Chapoy.

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Sargento Cornejo, Carlos Cornejo, police, Colorado, MundoNOW

This revelation is added long list of controversies involving the renowned presenter — one of the most notable scandals related to the the infamous Trevi-Andrade clan.

Andrade, who was sentenced to seven years in prison for aggravated rape and corruption of minors, has been linked to various women in the entertainment industry, including Pati Chapoy.

The book Amarga Seducción, written by Claudia de Icaza, revealed that Chapoy sought out the former producer when she was 28 years old and married to businessman Álvaro Dávila.

According to the book, they had an affair, meeting in secret at a house in Cuernavaca, Morelos and she was «in love».

Did Sergio Andrade and Pati Chapoy have an affair?

ellas soy yo, andrade-trevi clan, gloria trevi, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

This relationship came to an end, and allegedly Chapoy even expressed disgust towards Sergio Andrade.

Subsequently, she spoke negatively about him on her renowned television show, denying everything stated in the book.

This revelation has caused a significant uproar, rekindling the flames of controversy surrounding both personalities.

It is worth mentioning that the tumultuous past of the Trevi-Andrade clan continues to haunt Sergio Andrade and those who were involved with him during that dark period.

Andrade wasn’t ‘in love’ with Paty Chapy

Sergio Andrade Pati Chapoy, Gloria Trevi, Pati Chapoy, Sergio Andrade, MundoNOW
Sergio Andrade and Pati Chapoy / Photo Mezcalent

Sergio Andrade stated that, despite going out with the renowned journalist, he was never in love with her.

This surprised everyone because Andrade revealed that he did not like dating women who were involved with someone else.

According to the former producer, this situation made him feel uncomfortable, but Chapoy’s insistence won him over.

The story of Sergio Andrade and Pati Chapoy is added to the list of toxic relationships and controversies in an already scandal-filled industry.

Pati Chapoy’s version of events

Gloria Trevi, docuseries, ellas soy yo, scandal, MundoNOW

For her part, the Ventaneando host stated that all these statements are untrue and that nothing ever happened with Sergio Andrade.

In response to this situation, Pati Chapoy called Sergio Andrade shameless for his statements.

«Then I turned to Álvaro (her husband) and told him that I had nothing to do with that man, absolutely nothing,» the journalist said, according to El Imparcial.

«If something had happened… the first one to say it would have been me,» Pati Chapoy added in an interview about Sergio Andrade’s statements.

Pati Chapoy’s was angered by Sergio Andrade

Host Ventaneando, host's husband, husband Alvaro, Celebrities, MundoNOW

Similarly, the host stated that her husband was upset when he heard Sergio Andrade’s comments about the alleged romance.

Chapoy said that she was watching television with her husband when Adela Micha asked Sergio Andrade if it was true that they had an affair.

Pati Chapoy said that Sergio Andrade may have made these statements because he felt cornered after being arrested for child abuse, according to La Razón.

«If you are hunting a rat and you have it cornered, it will attack. A rat will fly at you and attack, I think that’s what he did,» the journalist said in an interview.

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