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Did he get married? Chyno Miranda surprises with a message during Thanksgiving

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Did Chyno Miranda get married? (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Did Chyno Miranda get married?
  • Gratitude and love on Thanksgiving.
  • Multiple reactions on social networks.

The renowned Venezuelan singer Chyno Miranda, famous for his musical career, shared a message that has surprised his followers.

Chyno decided to share an emotional text last Wednesday, November 23, during the Thanksgiving Day celebration.

During Thanksgiving many take time to be grateful for what they have received in their lives.

So the famous singer, who went through difficult times in his personal life, was not left behind on that special day.

Did Chyno Miranda get married?

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Photo: Mezcalent

Apart from the sweet message that the interpreter posted on his social media, the photograph he shared became the center of attention.

The posted image has sparked many speculations, especially that he got married with current partner Astrid Falcón.

Chyno Miranda used his official account on the popular Instagram social media to give thanks on Thanksgiving.

In his post, the ‘Mi niña bonita’ singer mentioned the most important people in his life, including his girlfriend.

Emotional message on Thanksgiving

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Photo: Mezcalent

«On this Thanksgiving Day, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to each of you,» begins Chyno Miranda’s message.

«I am eternally grateful to God for His infinite blessings and unconditional love. May I always honor Him through my music and my life,» he continues.

«Astrid (his current partner), your love and support have been my pillars during challenging times,» the Venezuelan singer acknowledges.

The message goes further, «I thank you for being my love, and I am profoundly thankful for all that we share.»

loved ones

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Photo: Mezcalent

«Lucca, my dear son, your joy and unconditional love illuminate every day of my life,» said the Venezuelan artist.

«You are my greatest blessing and I am eternally grateful for having you as a son,» he added to his message full of love on Thanksgiving.

Finally, he was extremely grateful to the people who have been with him in the most difficult moments.

«To my friends, your unwavering support and presence have been an invaluable gift that I deeply treasure,» the famous man added.

Speculations about their relationship

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Photo: Mezcalent

Of course his followers could not be missing, «To my fans, your love and loyalty are my driving force and I thank you with all my heart.»

«On this day of reflection and celebration, let us remember that love, friendship and music unite us in the spirit of gratitude,» he stressed.

«Let’s continue strengthening the ties that unite us. With love and gratitude, Chyno Miranda,» Nacho’s colleague concluded the letter.

Although, in the message Chyno did not announce that he had married Astrid, people say that a picture says a thousand words.

The photograph that sparked rumors

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Photo: Mezcalent

Well, at the time of making his post, he posted a photograph of two intertwined hands, but that was not all that caught attention.

Both hands wear what appear to be two two-tone wedding rings, gold and silver. This sparked rumors.

In the comments box, Chyno’s followers were surprised by the rings that the two show off in the image.

Speculation became much stronger after it became known that the couple had attended premarital talks.

Reactions on social media

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Chyno Miranda got married-Photo: Mezcalent

«Your wife Astrid is an angel sent from heaven,» «Everything arrives when the time is right,» «Congratulations,» the comments read.

«Blessings,» «Are you married?» «I can’t believe it,» «My God! Congratulations to both of you,» “Everyone deserves a second chance,” the comments continued.

«Cheers to you and Astrid,» «A hug, brother,» others shared.

Chyno revealed that he met Astrid at a hair salon, and his life has taken a dramatic turn for the better since that encounter. HERE THE PHOTO.

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