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Did Aracely Arámbula lash out at Luis Miguel during a live event?

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  • Aracely Arámbula lashes out at an ex.
  • Although she didn’t name names, people assumed she meant Luis Miguel.
  • Her response caused an uproar online.

During an event in a theater in Chihuahua, Mexico, the crowd roared when Mexican actress Aracely Arámbula was asked if it was possible to get over a great love and she went for the jugular. Although she didn’t name names, everyone understood she was referring to Mexican singer Luis Miguel in her response.

Entre Famosos posted the video on TikTok where you can see the brief exchange. It caused a stir among social media users.


Aracely Arambula Luis Miguel
Photo TikTok

El Sol’s ex was sitting in the front row next to her friend actress Michelle Vieth. The host singled Aracely out and asked how to get along with an ex who was mean.

The women in the audience erupted in cheers when the the beautiful actress, who has two children with Luis Miguel. The couple did not have an amicable breakup.


Mexican actress
Photo TikTok

At one point during the show, the host approached Aracely with the microphone. Hundreds of women applauded when she referred to her ex in a derogatory way.

“Can one forget a great love?» the host asked. The actress answered stood up to face the audience and said: «Of course, mama, if I got over King Cucaracho, you can get over of any boy, marital status: ungovernable.»


Aracely Arambula Luis Miguel
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Immediately women commented: «That was lethal and one was looking for how to buy a ticket to go see the cockroach king.» «Not Shakira or anything, let’s be Aracely.» «Excellent response, I admire Luis Miguel a lot and I love it, but I support you as a woman.”

«That is the attitude, support and blessings for all the women who are leaving a violent relationship, you can do it.» «With style and without saying the name, I loved it.» «Applause for this big woman.» “Aracely is mi spirit animal” “It made me laugh.» “I can’t stop laughing haha, beautiful, beautiful, what charisma.”


Mexican actress
Photo File

Women continued to celebrate what the actress told Cucaracho Rey.»With rhyme.» «We need to do this.» «You need to patent your phrase.» «Luis Miguel, she is talking to you there.» «It’s my motivation.» “They went too far, great.” “You hear someone say oh no oh no, I would say you are not going to talk about King Luismi.”

Others commented: “Without saying a name, it is known. Suddenly flash.” “How much pain.” “hahahahahaha I loved her response, but I love King Cucaracho more.” “Well said.” “And one suffering from Brayan.” “Supporting as a woman who can get out of everything.”

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