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Will Ana Gabriel marry Kate del Castillo? A scandalous video would confirm suspicions (VIDEO)

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  • Kate del Castillo attended Ana Gabriel’s concert.
  • Did the legendary Mexican singer propose?
  • The actress couldn’t help smiling and looked embarrassed to be surrounded by so many people.

Did Ana Gabriel admit to being gay? Did she take Kate del Castillo out of the closet? Is it true that the actress is journalist Jessica Maldonado’s partner? All these questions came back as a result of a scandalous and controversial video shared by the Instagram account of ‘Gossip No Like‘, where people reacted.

It turns out that, last weekend, Ana Gabriel had a very successful concert, which was attended by die-hard fans, but actress Kate del Castillo was caught among the audience, and little was known about her relationship with the legendary Mexican singer. Is that a possible relationship?

Ana Gabriel’s words for Kate del Castillo

Kate del Castillo attends concert
Instagram: Gossip no Like

The ‘Chisme no Like’ video shows the romantic and scandalous moment that the two Mexicans starred in before the astonished and euphoric gaze of the fans who there to see Ana Gabriel sing, but ended up receiving much more than that, thanks to the presence of Kate del Castillo.

Much has been said about Ana Gabriel’s sexual preferences, as little is known about her love history. She was romantically linked with Verónica Castro and even with Daniela Romo, to whom she supposedly dedicated the song «Luna,» while the artist responded with ‘I’m not asking for the moon’, but none of these rumors have ever been confirmed.

Ana Gabriel ‘declares her love’ to Kate del Castillo

Ana Gabriel in love?

Ana Gabriel performed successfully at one of her concerts, but the one who ended up being the focus of attention was Kate del Castillo, who apparently felt a little uncomfortable and embarrassed to be in front of the crowd, since she was in the front row of the venue, when the singer dedicated a few words to her.

The description of the ‘Chisme no Like’ video gives an account of what happened: «About to ask her to marry her. Tremendous scandal caused by #AnaGabriel at her concert in #LosÁngeles when she saw that #KateDelCastillo was in the front row. Not only did she introduce her to the entire venue, but she commented that she was about to ask her to marry her, an act that drove the public crazy. What do you think?.»

She proposes to Kate del Castillo in front of everyone

Kate del Castillo embarrassed

Ana Gabriel introduced Kate del Castillo and the Mexican had no choice but to get up and thank the people for the applause and then she sent the singer a kiss, but she didn’t see the words that the interpreter of «Luna» would later dedicate to her coming:

«She’s going to leave soon, she has other projects and I’m about to ask her to marry me…,» said Ana Gabriel before the astonished look and the cries of surprise from the crowd.

Ana Gabriel says ‘I love you’ to Kate del Castillo

They marry? In the middle of the concert, do you declare your love for her?

And Ana Gabriel’s interaction with Kate del Castillo continued: «I want money, I want to come and enjoy it and everything and so on… I love you, thanks for coming,» the recording ends with the actress’ nervous laughter. As usual, comments from followers were quick to arrive.

«Was she for real or was it a joke?», «I really thought Kate was a guy haha», «I thought Eduardo Palomo (Kate) had revived», «Since I saw Ana Gabriel more than 20 years ago in NJ she has had that same black dress!!!», «There is nothing feminine anymore. In Kate. She’s a shaggy macho!! «, some commented.

The rumors behind Ana Gabriel

Is the Mexican gay?

A few months ago, on the program ‘Ventaneando’, they talked about some controversial statements made by Ana Gabriel at one of her concerts, where she herself alluded to her sexual preferences: «A man asked me if I was homosexual and I asked him: ‘What? Why do people always ask me that?’; he tells me: ‘Because we have never seen you with a man’; I answer him: ‘But you haven’t seen me with a woman either’.

To the surprise of those attending the show, Ana Gabriel did not leave that aside because she said that no-one has seen her with a woman because she has many and is faithful to all of them, she also admitted in a deliberate tone that she is attracted to them: «Of course I like women; starting with my mother, my daughter, my sisters, my friends,» she said. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF THE MOMENT IN WHICH ANA GABRIEL DECLARES HER LOVE TO KATE DEL CASTILLO. Some images of this note come from this and this video.

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