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After leaving television does Adamari López have a new profession? (VIDEO)

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  • Did Adamari López become a fitness coach?
  • The former host has been training hard lately.
  • Why is she spending so much time at the gym?

Did Adamari López become a fitness coach? Several months have passed since Adamari López was fired from Telemundo and Hoy Día, and although people love her and want her to return to the small screen, it seems that this will not happen any time soon.

A few weeks ago, the former Hoy Día host began to promote YouFit Gyms, which cater to all people who want to get in shape. Recently she encouraged all of her followers to sign up for her dance class.

Is Adamari López a fitness coach?

Adamari Lopez

When she left the program, everyone thought Adamari would go to Univisión, but that has not happened and she has decided to focus on her personal life and on promoting healthy brands with products that help people lose weight.

Does a new video posted on her Instagram account show Adamari López’s new profession? It seems that this is the case, because asked her followers to join her in leading a healthier life through exercise.

Adamari promotes YouFit Gyms

train in gym

YouFit Health Clubs is apparently where Adamari López goes to maintain her figure. And she demonstrated this with a video where she’s training very hard. Do you think she’s trying to lose weight or build muscle?

She famously lost quite a bit of weight after trying unsuccessfully for years and her fans are always interested in her fitness journey.

Is Adamari Lópezan actress and host or a fitness coach?

Adamari López does not seem to miss the tv

Dressed in a sheer top over a black sports bra and leggings, Adamari López shared a video where  she shows how her trainer helps her maintain her figure. It looks like it’s working!

«I love the effort and focus with which I have continued training during the past months working hand in hand with my trainer at @youfitgyms I invite you to try them today because during this month, they are offering a totally free personal training session!! #youfitgyms,» she wrote on the video.

Her followers admire her work ethic


Thousands of Adamari López’s wrote motivational messages to her: «She’s going to be 60 and she’s hard as a rock and above all she has the attitude of a 20-year-old.» «It’s not easy!! I also chose to live with health and no matter how old I am to begin with, I’m 50 and I’m going to have a great body.» «What vitality Adamari has despite everything that has happened to her.» «Admirable woman, congratulations for never giving up, she always gets ahead in everything.»

Others added: «Let’s go Adamari to increase buttocks… you can do it!» «Yes, beautiful, stand up sticking out your chest and tail and look at what you can do, blessings.» «That’s being great already, Girl you are learning !!! That’s the aptitude and the attitude, this is what you have to project, okay!!» «Brave trainer» «The best therapy is exercise.» «Very nice.» «How proud.»

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