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Did a Tigres player use witchcraft to win the final against Chivas?

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  • Tigres won the final against Chivas.
  • André-Pierre Gignac caused controversy on social media.
  • Did the Tigres player use witchcraft to defeat Chivas?

The Grand Final of the MX League took place on Sunday, May 28 and the UANL Tigres were the champions. After the game, a clip emerged showing a Tigres player doing something odd and now people are saying he used witchcraft to win the match.

The player in question is none other than #10 for the Tigres, Frenchman André-Pierre Gignac. The striker caused a lot of controversy when, after the game, he revealed what he did with a rosary.

Did a Tigres player use witchcraft to win the final against Chivas?

Did a Tigres player do witchcraft to win the final against Chivas?
PHOTO: Twitter

The approximately 40-second clip is circulating online. In it André-Pierre Gignac is in front of the goal on the ground and digging with his hands.

After a few seconds, the Tigres striker manages to unearth a rosary which he clasps in his hands and later kisses it while celebrating their win.

People says that Gignac’s suspicious action was witchcraft

Did a Tigres player do witchcraft? They assure that Gignac's suspicious action was to win the game
PHOTO: Twitter

Gignac was very happy after having unearthed the rosary. It seems his lucky charm was effective as they managed to pull ahead when they were losing two goals to nothing.

It is unknown when André-Pierre Gignac buried the rosary at the Akron stadium, since it wasn’t caught on camera. Internet users asked: «Is he already Guadalupano?»

Was it really witchcraft?

A final with a lot of controversy, did he really do witchcraft?
PHOTO: Twitter

The final between Chivas and Tigres was a controversial match. There were altercations outside the stadium after the defeat of the Rebaño Sagrado and people speculated that the Frenchman «sold his soul» to win the championship.

The reality of the matter is that the players have many traditions before playing a match as important as a tournament final. On this occasion, Gignac simply considered the rosary his lucky charm.

People criticize the Frenchman online

Users do not download "sorcerer" to Gignac in networks
PHOTO: Twitter

Several netizens expressed their disapproval of the video showing the striker doing «witchcraft». Other fans pointed out that it really was a miracle.

«What kind of witchcraft is this?» «Doing witchcraft in a stadium and people celebrate it… WOW!» «Ah… French witchcraft?» «No wonder he won,» were some of the comments on the video.

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