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Devastated! Los Tigres del Norte break their silence after the death of Servando Cano (PHOTO)

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  • Los Tigres del Norte mourns the death of Servando Cano
  • The businessman died at 84 years of age due to a heart attack
  • «Our history would not be the same without Don Servando Cano»

Tigres del norte death Servando Cano. Last Monday, February 8, the world of Northern music, was in mourning, and at certain hours in the afternoon the terrible news about the death of businessman Servando Cano was given, and several groups such as Los Tigres del Norte showed their condolences on social networks.

The legendary representative of northern music, died on the afternoon of this Monday, at 84 years of age, the victim of a heart attack, this is what his son and family said on social networks.

Different musical groups lamented the sensitive loss of Servando, but one of the most affected was the Mexican group nicknamed ‘the chiefs of chiefs’, who in their account of Instagram, they sent the last goodbye.

Tigres del norte death Servando Cano


They would not be the same without Servando Cano

“Today we woke up to the unfortunate news of the departure of a great friend and brother, part of this family made up of Los Tigres del Norte. Our story would not be the same without Don Servando Cano ”, he put in his publication.

“We express our deepest condolences to his family and friends, wishing them great strength. Serving, you will always be one of us. Rest in peace ”, they finished their emotional farewell.

“Thank you for being a fundamental part of our family. Rest in peace ”, with this phrase, edited in the image, thus they fired their great friend.

It should be remembered that Don Servando was the promoter of the norteño group, and was in charge of leading different groups to stardom and even several artists such as Juan Gabriel, Vicente Fernández, Grupo Pesado among others.

The publication has obtained a large number of “like” reactions from the followers and acquaintances of the Mexican businessman, obtaining more than 5,000 reactions so far.


The world of northern music suffered a very sensitive loss, since Don Servando Cano was very recognized, since he followed the careers of several famous artists, and Internet users expressed their farewell comments on social networks.

Tigres del norte death Servando Cano 2


«From my beloved Colombia I can say that Mr. Servando Cano has been one of my examples to follow to start building my musical career. May God have him in his holy glory,» commented one user.

Others sent their condolences: «May Mr. Servando Cano rest in peace and prompt resignation for the whole family.» «MY MOST SINCERE CONDOLENCES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY AND FOR THE HEADS OF CHIEFS.»

Many regretted the terrible news and took the opportunity to send their condolences to the group: «Rest in peace, God have you in your holy glory, my deepest condolences.»

“A very great loss, rest in peace”, “DEP Don Servando Cano. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. «,» RIP Strengthens your Family «,» RIP and My Most Sincere Condolences to Your Whole Family «,» My deepest condolences, God keep you in his holy glory, «commented some users .

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The Monterrey singer Lalo Mora, known as «The King of a Thousand Crowns», shared an image with the representative who so far is close to reaching a thousand likes.

PHOTO Instagram Lalo Mora The king of a thousand crowns

“Sad news, my friend Servando Cano was ahead of us. Thank you for doing so much for our northern and regional music, thank you for so many dear friend, «said the singer, who was the vocalist and founder of Los Invasores de Nuevo León.

His son, Lalo Mora Jr, a member of Los Herederos de Nuevo León, shared an emotional farewell message for the representative:

“Very unfortunate news that we received a few moments ago, Mr. Servando Cano has ceased to exist, great among the greats and our representative since the birth of Los Hederos de NL, may God receive him into his kingdom. Always grateful to him and everything that makes up the ‘SERCA’ company for all his great support and faith in us ”.

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