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Fatal shooting in Detroit gas station after fight over $4

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Tiroteo en gasolinera de Detroit deja saldo mortal tras pelea por 4 dólares
  • Shooting broke out at a gas station in Detroit.
  • One man was killed and two were injured.
  • It all started with a dispute over $4.

A sad and bizarre incident took place in Detroit, Michigan after Cinco de Mayo festivities. One man was killed and two people were injured after a customer got into a dispute with a gas station clerk over $4.

The authorities in the area confirmed one dead at the crime scene. A friend of the deceased recounted what happened that night on May 6.

One killed in shooting at Detroit gas station over $4

Detroit gas station shooting for $4 leaves terrible balance
PHOTO: Twitter

Fox News reported the shooting occurred in the early hours of Saturday, May 6 when an armed customer who became angry with the gas station employee opened fire inside the store.

He killed one man and injured two others around three in the morning. The victims were identified as David Langston, who was simply wounded and Langston’s friend Gregory Kelly who was killed. A third person was involved, however their identity is not known.

The shooter has been identified

Everything for 4 dollars, they identify the person responsible for the shooting at a Detroit gas station
PHOTO: Twitter

The person responsible for the shooting was identified as 27-year-old Samuel McCray, who was accused of murder and attempted murder. Police have located and arrested the suspect.

The weapon has not been located. The altercation started when the shooter was trying to purchase $4 worth of items from the store. He became angry when his card was declined.

What happened?

How did the events occur?
PHOTO: Twitter

The terror began shortly after 3 a.m., when the gas station attendant locked the door of the store to prevent the shooter from leaving after his card was declined. That’s when McCray flew into a rage.

McCray threatened to shoot the clerk and everyone in the gas station unless he opened the door, victims Langston and Kelly panicked and told him to stop.

Langston was wounded and Kelly was shot dead

Langston was wounded and Kelly shot dead
PHOTO: Twitter

“The guy was aying, ‘If you don’t open this door, I’m going to shoot everyone here.’ Please, man, don’t shoot us, we have nothing to do with this, man. And my friend was like, ‘Man, he’s not going to shoot us, let us out of here.’ And he started shooting,” Langston, who was shot in the back and arm told Fox News.

Langston, 37, stated that he ran to check on Kelly but he was already dead. After the shooting, the employee unlocked the door McCray escaped. He was later arrested and appeared in court on Wednesday, where he was denied bail.

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